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What is the purpose of dreams?

This is a vast an unknown area of study. Scientists understand the mind in only small ways. They can detect how particular parts of the brain work on different tasks. But they are far from understanding the bigger picture of how it all pulls together.

My belief - and this is just opinion - is that dreams are the minds way of balancing the two central parts of the brain the Id and the EGO.

What people must understand is that the brain is not one but two computers. The left brain and the right brain are completely separate. That is why we as humans are very successful.

The Left brain - the left side of the brain deals with rational thought and conscious logical problems. It is good at maths and other mathematical type problem solving. It is also very much in charge of communication and so is in charge of our command of language.

The right brain - the right side of the brain is the unconscious mind. It provides imagination and magical intuition. The left side adds up numbers very well - but the right side can step back and say - Is it actually worth adding them up? Whats the point? So the unconscious provides an overview.

The purpose of dreams - dreams are the way by which these two vast computers the conscious and the unconscious are linked. As someone who knows a bit about computers linking computers together is no simple task.

This is absolutely essential to our success as a human. We need to process information in order to survive. But the two brains must work harmoniously together if we are to succeed.

The brain must have some mechanism for sorting out which of the two super brains it should take account of - the left or the right?