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Wolrd war one nightmares - a sign of emotional breakdown

world war one soldiers who were dreaming about the trenches were watched carefully. It was not considered to be a good sign to be dreaming only about the war and the hardships that they were enduring. It was felt that this was indicative of men on the brink of going mad. Its undoubtably the case that this link existed. If anyone is to explain dreams then they must explain why this is the case.

Dreams have many causes. The brain and dream mind is a multi functioning tool. The dreams experienced during world war one warfare must be of major importance in explaining some types of dreams. The circumstances that the soldiers were in were so bleak. They had to endure constant mud,cold and noise. A healthy mind must be able to distance itself from such hardships. Most soldiers would dream about life back home. They would think of friends and good times.

The healing power of dreams is undoubted. Many times we go to sleep with some thought on our mind. Yet when we wake up we feel much calmer. The issue that was bothering us now seems so less important. We may have been thinking about someone who had really managed to wind us up. We can get drawn into petty behavior and may retaliate in a similar fashion. Dreams and sleep seem to allow to to put matters in perspective. It no longer seems important. We simply get along with life.

So the dream mind must act as some kind of safety valve. In waking life we often try to talk through issues. We try to get things out of our system. Sleep and dreams must act in a similar way. We may be thinking about major issues in order to get them out of our system. But if we continue to do this then this maybe a bad sign. It may show that we really cannot distance ourselves from the situations we are in. If you wake up and you are still angry about some situation from the day before its really not a good sign.

So if soldiers are unable to dream about anything other than the trenches during world war one then that shows that they are stuck only in the present moment. Soldiers were perhaps unable to escape the sheer insanity of the situation. They were on the verge of going mad. By the end of the war psychiatrists had gained a much better insight into shell shock.


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