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Colours in dreams - their symbolic meaning


I´m sure that everything has a meaning in a dream. The more interpretations I do, the more I find the symbols being very exact for what they stand for. Colours has been one interesting theme, that I have studied sometimes. I can’t say that I understand everything, but at least I can say that if there is light or dark in the dream it is a clear difference - especially if its indoors. If it´s dark it can mean unclear situation. And it could also be a depression. Light is then the opposite. White is clearness. And cleanness. And light. Also divine light. Fire is also enlightenment.

White and black patterns implies an exclusive-or situation.

Red is a male colour. It is physical. It´s blood. It´s energy. Suddenness has also something to do with male impulse, activity, energy. Thank you weiss.

Green is a female colour. The combination red - green has occurred in dreams symbolizing the female and male parts of life.

Rose is a girlish colour
. Girls seem to have a period in their lives (˜ 6-8 years) when they have to have everything in rose or pink. Boys seem to like stronger colours and stronger contrasts.

Black seems to be colour that attracts young men. (It´s cool) Black seems to be mysterious. Where secrets are revealed.