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SLEEP WALKING AND SLEEP DISORDERS and their causes and cures


Sleep walking occurs when we start to walk about during the night time yet we are still asleep. If this happens to you then you may walk around determinedly and seem as if you are on some mission. Do not try to wake people up. They will not understand your responses. They will strongly try to carry on in some meaningless task.

During normal sleep we enter the dream stage relaxed in our bodies yet our minds are overflowing with activity. Sleep walking is caused by abnormalities in the brain that prevent us from switching off our bodies. Sleep walking is less common in adults than it is in children. Children seem to suffer badly from this mainly due to their growing bodies and minds.

But there seems to be a strong connection between sleep walking and a disrupted mind. So sleep walking can be treated. Sleep walking is basically a sleep disorder. Its linked to bad sleep. If we sleep very lightly then we do not enter the important stages of deep sleep. So try to cut out as much stress as possible. Work and emotional stress late at night can affect us badly. So can food and drink - alcohol and caffeine can help keep us awake whilst spicy food late at night can disrupt sleep because of indigestion. If you suffer sleep walking then try to switch off late at night.