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Science and dreams - the understanding of premonitions


Many people involved in dream interpretation firmly believe that dreams glimpse the future. But how can we possibly reconcile this with a scientific understanding of the world?

Nowadays if you put a bunch of astrophysicists in the same room as a load of psychics then it is probably those with a scientific understanding who will come up with the weirdest and wackiest theory.

Many astrophysicists have strange Views about the way the world works. There is a common belief in multiple realities. Every time some random event occurs a second copy of the world and the universe can be created. So somehow there are many billions of differing universes existing side by side each other. Some of them are quite similar to the ones we live in - whereas others will be almost unrecognizable. But the theory goes that maybe something has happened in one of these other universes and that we can access those memories and thoughts from our own minds within our own world.