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Radio Scarborough
Mark Sinclair

Music To Suit All Your Tastes

I have all my own favourites like everybody else. But if you hire me I would like to hear what music you like and what your favourites are.

I am extremely versatile and I have sets prepared for all sorts of occasions.

Wedding reception: Some special wedding songs with all the old pop favourites.

Halloween Night: Music to get you screaming!

Valentines Evening: All the old romantic favourites and love ballads. Plus your favourite songs.

Abba Night: Abba are an old favourite and most people know their songs off by heart.

1970's Night: I can play all your faves from the disco 70's. Just put your flared trousers on and get ready to party.

Modern pop music: Of course we have all the modern pop songs and so if Taylor Swift is your thing we can play that.

1960's Night: Take a trip back to the 1960's and hear some Beatles and Rock and Roll.

Christmas Party: I have lots of Christmas songs but you can request anything you want.

Northern Soul: If you fancy the nostalgia of the early Northern soul era.

Ska music: If the Specials and Madness were your childhood favourites then we can play plenty of music like that.

Old time party: If you like all the golden oldies and traditional songs we can help you bring these memories to life.

Anything goes: Don't be afraid of suggesting something. I can provide music for all tastes. From the Sex Pistols to Carpenters. Anything goes! Just tell us what you want.

We have a wide selection of music from the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's. You can tell us what you want to hear or you can leave it all up to me. Please send us a list of your favourite songs and styles of music.

Mark Sinclair
Email: salforddj@hotmail.co.uk