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False premonitions

False premonitions: The unconscious mind behaving badly

Often when you get involved in dream interpretation the tendency is to get yourself involved in all kinds of mind experiments and explorations. It is natural for people to be curious. But just how successful are such experiments.

People often try to use dreams for inspiration. They may place piece of paper under their pillow and hope for a poem to come when they wake up. They may hope for inspiration with artwork or song writing.

However, the dream mind may play along with such experiments for a short while it will not put up with this continually.

When I first became interested in psychic dreams I used horse racing as a subject. Although some success was achieved at first once this became a production line things started to go wrong. The dreams became harder to decipher. And although the experiments had some success they ended up with totally random dreams. And in the end dreams hinted very openly that these experiments should stop.

I have also used dreams for song writing. The experiments were successful in that I dreamt of tunes for songs. But however, the songs were not very good. However, they were the best I could do.

Dreams do allow you to communicate telepthically and also to access the future but your abilities seem to be limited by your own ability. If you cannot write songs even if you access the deepest parts of the unconscious you still will not be able to write songs.