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Premonitions - a precognitive dream of Princess diana died


This is a personal study showing how I became convinced that dreams can link to the future. The dreams on this page are all my own dreams. They all have some psychic content. These dreams were all significant to me and helped me shape my own views on premonitions. The second dream on this page came hours before the death of Princess diana. This dream has convinced me that dreams can in some way link in to the future
THE DREAM I was in my home watching TV. The TV was showing some terrible disaster - it was the end of the world.

THE REALITY The next day nothing happened of real consequence news wise. The world did not end. But the dreamer went outside and noticed that the drains down his street were broken. Huge amounts of water were gushing out. It seemed like the place was a war zone. Seconds later the dreamer heard a scream. A woman was screaming at the top of her voice for help. Her house was on fire. The fire brigade were called. The dreamer thought at this point that it seemed like it was the end of the world. Then he thought of this dream.

THE INTERPRETATION Normal dreams seem to have one main feature - that they concentrate on the day before and feelings forming in our minds then. Premonitions dreams seem remarkably caught in the here and now. Many premonitions dreams will come true on the actual day of the dream. In other words they come true at the earliest possible moment.

Dreams above all capture emotions. So in a sense this dream came very true. The dreamer lived on a peaceful street yet on this day a couple of incidents happened together and soon the place seemed to have descended into chaos. The drains were spewing water at an alarming rate. Then a woman was shouting for help.

Symbolic Meanings
END OF WORLD : "in this case the end of the world linked to a sense that total chaos was breaking out in a seemingly normal street"
COMMENTS This dream did seem to me to capture some vital emotions that I was about to feel on the day of the dream. I had several other dreams some less convincing. Some related to football matches. I dismissed these as coincidences. Yet the following dream was a defining moment in my own life as far as premonitions are concerned. This dream captured some details about the day to come. It was significant in that I linked the dream to a particular person by decoding the symbols. On that day this person(Princess Diana) died in a car crash. Since that happened I have never doubted premonitions.
THE DREAM The dream starts off in a public school. It is a place of extreme privilege and I see some Latin books. Then I am in a car with two boys who were cheerily chatting. It is a normal day and they are joking with me about Manchester united football club.

The scene changes. I am then suspended above a different car. It is like some event is being replayed. The car is striving very fast through a river - yes a river. There is a Commentary that I’m hearing. I hear that when the car reaches the bottom of the hill all the people inside will die.

I am then Speaking to myself. I’m repeating over and over the words I can’t believe they going to kill her off. In the dream the person to be killed off was a character in a soap opera who was called Mrs. Thoroughgood .

In the final part of the dream everything seems to have returned to normal. There seems to be some back street.

THE REALITY The dreamer woke up from this dream and felt that something terrible was about to happen. He intensely scrutinized every aspect of it. He established some links with Princess Diana through the symbols. He felt that something terrible was about to happen yet that day and was surprised when nothing did. Yet right at the point when he went to bed that night Princess Diana was involved in a fatal car crash. This was one of the few defining moments of our time. The whole country stopped at this news and it opened up a period of intense reflection in virtually everyone.

THE INTERPRETATION Obviously many sections of this dream are deeply symbolic. Yet through the symbols the dreamer did make some strong associations. He linked the two boys with Princess Diana’s two sons who both attended similar posh public schools. They were both reputed to be Manchester united fans as well.

The car descent down the hill reminded the dreamer of the film the "Italian Job" where a high speed chase ends up going through a church and down some steps. It was a similarly dangerous car chase and compared to the high speeds which Princess Diana’s car was going at. The crash was like in the dream as it occurred at the bottom of a hill.

The figure Mrs. ThoroughGood is the name of the dreamers next door neighbour from childhood. She died years before the dream took place. Its an obvious synonym and it was clear at the time that the most likely person to fit this term "thoroughly Good" was actually Princess Diana. She was famous for charity work and championed many causes around the world many of which were deeply unfashionable such as AIDS awareness.

The dream took place in a river. Its interesting to note that the crash that killed Princess Diana took place at an undersection of the River Seine. So if you looked at that road on a map then at that point the road was actually in a river.

The dream did capture the course of events and in fact replayed the entire day in some senses. The dream started off having a normal feel to it. That was captured by the first part of the dream which featured chats about football - that day was an ordinary Saturday with football matches taking place everywhere.

The point where the dreamer repeats to himself "I cannot believe they are going to kill her off" reminded the dreamer of the emotions that he felt when the death was announced. It captures a sense of total shock.

Symbolic Meanings
MAN UTD : "This football club was thought to be the club that Prince Harry and Prince William supported"
MRS THOROUGHGOOD : "Someone who is thoroughly good - at the time the dreamer associated this with Princess Diana"
SOAP OPERA : "The royal family is often described as a soap opera - in fact the longest running soap opera"
COMMENTS I have also noticed that we may have many dreams which may be classed as premonitions. They capture emotions and situations which are about to happen. They may in some cases be symbolic but there is enough there to suggest some psychic content. The following dreams capture some event or situation from the next day. These maybe very trivial. Yet on that day they maybe seen as defining moments within that day.
THE DREAM I am in a terrible state. A tree has just fallen down and I say to my sister - I don’t think I want to see you today.

THE REALITY The next day the dreamer had toothache due to a broken filling. It was a holiday so he could not see a dentist immediately.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer could not link this dream to anything in his current emotional situation. So there was an obvious possibility that this was a premonition. If dreams can be said to link to emotions that we are about to feel the next day then surely this was the case. The terrible feelings in the dream could surely symbolise the pain we associate with toothache.
THE DREAM I was walking towards some great headland. I see the light is lighting it up in a beautiful and atmospheric way. As I get nearer I see the wall to this town. I continually try to get up onto this wall but whatever I do I cannot.

THE REALITY The dreamer had planned to go up the coast the next day on his mountain bike to take photos of a scenic headland. There was a tall ship due in town and it was a great opportunity. Yet on the day of the dream the winds seemed very strong. The forcast did not mention huge winds. The visit was called off as these winds were simply too strong.

THE INTERPRETATION Premonitions do seem to have a strong connection to the actual day of the dream. Here the premonition did seem to come true. The dreamer was set on making this visit yet had to call this off.

Obviously this is not the kind of premonition that will convince the skeptics. Yet such premonitions will seem to come true. Its really up to the reader to judge.

Symbolic Meanings
HEADLAND : "the dreamer was due to visit a beautiful coast area"
LIGHTING : "the dreamer was interested in photograhy and the way the headland was lit up was ideal photography conditions"
COMMENTS It is also interesting to note that many premonitions seem to come true but they do so in a way that adds meaning. There seems to be a clever twist. The dream comes true in a way that the dreamer could not predict.
THE DREAM I dreamt simply that I got a puncture on my bike

THE REALITY This was an odd dream. It was very short. It did not seem to relate to anything currently going on in his life(punctures symbolise drained feelings). So that's usually a good sign that the dream maybe a premonition. In this case the dreamer did take a trip out on his bike on the day of the dream. He did not get a puncture that day but did accidentally lose his spare inner tube - taken in case of a puncture.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer always believed that he had premonitions. In this case he thought this was a premonition. But he also felt that premonitions do not come exactly true. They come true but there is a slight twist to events. The twist also is in a way that seems the dream seem even more convincing.

In this case the dreamer did not get a puncture but did lose an inner tube. For him the effect was the same. He had to go and purchase a new inner tube for his bike.
COMMENTS The following dream is interesting in that nothing actually happened on the day of this dream - it passed by uneventfully. It was only a few days later that the dreamer found out that his parents had had a huge argument on this day. Perhaps this maybe seen as a premonition of that.
THE DREAM I was at some traffic lights and then an IRA bomb went off. I immediately connected this to terrorists.

THE REALITY When the dreamer had this dream he felt it was a premonition. For him premonitions came true usually on the actual day of the dream. Nothing happened. Yet a few days later he found out that his parents had had a huge argument and his father had broken his arm. These events occurred on the day of the dream. Up till this point his parents had been remarkably trouble free living a very quiet life.

THE INTERPRETATION For much of this day the dreamer did not remember this dream. Then as he was heading into town he remembered the dream. He had a huge sense that this was a premonition and was surprised that nothing happened that day.

Dreams are hugely symbolic. Its easy to say that this dream did not come true as no terrorist acts took place that day. None took place in the period after the dream. Yet surely a terrorist attack could be symbolic of a terrible personal event. Here his previously peaceful parents suddenly declared war on each other. The dreamer did not find out about these events immediately but they took place on the day of this dream.

Its also interesting to note that the time that the dreamer remembered the dream was at roughly the exact time when this argument took place. He was not at a traffic lights but was at a main junction.

Symbolic Meanings
BOMB : "this could have been a premonition of this huge argument between his parents"
COMMENTS The following dream is interesting in that it seemed to come true immediately. I have had several other dreams which are similar to this. They capture something that happens immediately on waking.
THE DREAM I had a very short dream. I just dreamt of Tony Blair the British Prime minister. He had agreed to get in a boxing ring. He had all his spin doctors around him.

THE REALITY This was in some ways a remarkable dream. The dreamer dreamt about Tony Blair and as soon as he woke up he turned on the radio. Then he spookily heard the words Tony Blair.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer felt this was a premonition. Its not a dream that would convince the skeptics yet in this case it did seem to come immediately true. This is a remarkable coincidence. Many people would argue that this was exactly that - a coincidence. Yet the dreamer stated that this sort of premonition had happened several times before.
COMMENTS Because of these dreams which seemed to come true I decided to test out my abilities. First I had a little experiment with lottery numbesr and then horse racing.
THE DREAM I went to sleep that night and deliberately tried to have a dream about the lottery. I assigned symbols to each number(49 symbols for the 49 numbers). I woke up and had the following dream. In the dream I dreamt of 7 numbers. Six of the numbers were associated with the grade B+.

THE REALITY The dream revealed 7 numbers which left the dreamer with a dilemma. The lottery only required 6 numbers. So he left out the number which seemed different from the others as it was linked to a different and lower grade. The 6 chosen numbers were associated with the grade B+. When the lottery was held the 6 chosen numbers did not come up. Yet the number that was excluded did come up.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer was half expecting not to win the lottery. It was an interesting test to hold though. In some small way the dream did come back and seem to come true. It did have a logic which made the dreamer think after the event. The dreamer used the following logic to the dream - the 6 chosen numbers were all picked because they were associated with a higher grade(B+). Yet if you think about it that grade is absolutely absurd. If a dream was to associate a grade with a lottery number then there would only be two grades(F and A+).

The dreamer did gain some consolation from the fact that the dream did seem to have some kind of mad logic which came true. He felt that the dream did come true but with some mad twist.
COMMENTS Another little experiment the dreamer tried was with Horse racing. This was ideal for experiments with dreams. Horses names are often very easy to link to DREAM SYMBOLISM. The dreamer analyzed about ten races before giving up. He owuld pick races with small fields and study the names the night before of all the runners. The horse whose symbol would appear last would be chosen. Interestingly two races were won by the same horse. In some ways the dreams did link to the horse winning the dream yet the dreamer did not realise this on either occasion. Yet the dreams did have enough psychic content to make them interesting
THE FIRST DREAM The first time this horse won a race I dreamt that I was looking at myself.

THE REALITY The race was won by a jockey with the same first name as myself. I did not realise this before the race. The jockeys were not in fact even listed.

THE SECOND DREAM I dreamt I was with the horses trainer. He was in a pool and explaining how he was using a psychic method to predict winners to horse races.

THE REALITY Before the race I did not really understand this connection. The race was won by "Portent" and I decided I should look for some connection. The horse actually sounded like a real word(the dreamer did not know its meaning yet felt he had heard it used as a word). I looked it up and surely enough its a real word. It is defined as "an event predicted by premonition". So it seemed as if the dream had predicted the races winner.

So in both cases the race was won by the same horse "Portent". In both cases there were symbols which seemed to come true very clearly yet in neither case did the dreamer make these connections before the race.
THE DREAM I was at a bank of computers and discussing some problem with someone who was my tutor. At the last minute I said do you know someone called Peter Hide( I know someone called that). I said you remind me of him.

THE REALITY The next day the dreamer was at a cyber cafe and whilst he was there a man he knew came in. The dreamer pretended not to see him so I decided to just carry on with what I was doing and ignore him. Just as I was leaving I did speak to him and had a small chat with him.

THE INTERPRETATION Many people report dreams which seem to link to coincidences that happen the next day. This dream was mostly symbolic. It included a setting which was pretty much linked to reality. The character Peter Hide was clearly symbolic and did link to reality on that the dreamer was caught in a situation which involved "hiding".

Of course such dreams would not convince anyone who was inclined to be skeptical. This dreamer had had several convincing premonitions. These less convincing ones he is still inclined to treat as premonitions which capture some significant emotion from the day before.