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Posting on dream analysis forums


When you post a dream you need to make it attractive and easy to read. Certain details need to be included other than the dream itself. If the dream includes actual people then say a bit about what your relationship is with them. If the dream takes place in a restaurant that exists mention the name of it - sometimes dreams use plays on words on the names of different things.

If something may have sparked a certain item being in a dream then mention that. If in the dream you hear music by the strokes then say if you listened to them just before you went to sleep. Also say if your read about something that may have sparked the dream

Be clear. Sometimes it is difficult to understand what was dream and what was reality.


Say if the dream was correctly interpreted. Add additional details if necessary. Its just common courtesy. It will encourage people to answer yours and other peoples posts - remember there are more people who want their posts to be answered than dream interpreters.


It is very frustrating if no one answers your post. You will be checking every half hour and eventually you will give up. That’s a pity because experienced users will go to lower pages.

If you click for an e-mail notification (look for the box as you post) then you will get an e-mail when the dream is answered.

Click the control box - this may show you details of the forums you have written in

Register - otherwise you will not get any e-mails or control boxes. Most forums make you register but some allow you to post as a guest. But if you are a proper member then its a lot easier


You may pick up the answer to your dreams by reading other posts. And anyway you may pick up information on how dreams are analyzed and how others post their dreams


There are good dream dictionaries on line. Try them - they may give an insight - and if your dream Isn’t answered then it is better than nothing