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Out of body experiences - OBEs


Out of body experiences (OBE’s) are quite simply defined. The dream is so real that the person actually believes that they have left their own bodies and are entering the world of the spirits and souls.

They are often linked with sleep paralysis - that involves an extreme feeling of paralysis followed by the body drifting out and away. The feeling is one of extremely swift movement - like a floating sensation which is why people believe that they have left their body. Often the experience of sleep paralysis is extremely fast. The paralysis ends then the dream ends virtually at the same time. But occasionally the dream will continue with the sense of floating continuing while the person drifts into an extremely vivid dreamscape.

This is an OBE I had a couple of years ago.

I dreamt I was paralyzed. I had to struggle very hard to walk. Then suddenly I was flying. I floated firstly into the top of the room. I could see things very vividly and in color which was unusual.

I then start to fly through the walls and I am over the sea. There is a ship in the north bay of the town I live in. I can see the people on the ship. They are taking supplies on board. It is a military ship.

I then woke up and was very very spiritually uplifted by the dream. For the next hour I was not awake fully but also not asleep. I was in a kind of twilight state. There were dream images rushing into my head in kind of waves.

I was getting little snippets of dreams. I for instance was getting information about radio waves. Apparently people can hear radio in the psychic souls. I was getting all kinds of insights just like that.

The next day..I passed by the north bay just to check there was no ship there. There was none but in the south bay there was a military ship...a destroyer which had anchored in the bay. It may have been possible for me to have read that a navy ship was due to anchor off the coast...these are often publicity events for the navy to encourage recruitment. But on the other hand I do not read local papers or keep up to date to local affairs.

Other than that there was nothing specifically I could check though I did see things very vividly - as if it was real.