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Nightmares and fear : A positive view


Nightmares (or this is a test of your personal emergency broadcast service) The recent collection of dreams on seems to suggest that a lot of people do not recall their dreams unless they are disturbing or have some element of fear in them. The second most dream dictionary symbol there is: FEAR - 6000 at the present moment; the first one being "FRIEND". So it does not surprise me that people have a negative view on dreams and their interpretation sometimes, especially "experts".

But why look at nightmares as negatives? It is in my experience that when something or someone is trying to tell you something it is best to try to pay attention, even if that someone happens to be you or a scary monster or such created by your own mind to try to get you to understand the situation.

Nightmare are training grounds, nightmares are tests sometimes, and sometimes they are warnings, in any case your nightmares are trying to keep you informed in case of an ACTUAL emergency or help you formulate a good line of defense if you have had a problem before with something.

For example they can be as irrational as your fear of a particular place where something bad possibly happened and in your nightmares you force yourself to relive the situation over and over again but if you look at what is going on perhaps the nightmare is not trying to scare you as much as trying to keep you on your toes for the next time you may find yourself involved with a confrontation.

I feel that the real key is fear and not letting that fear keep you from confronting your problem with in the nightmare. If you can confront things without fear, there is a good possibility you can successfully understand just what it is that the nightmare is telling you, and how you can possibly fix it.

My own experiences and what I have helped others with: I am not immune to nightmares, but fear has now been eliminated. I used to have a re occurring theme of tornados.

What I feel these dreams were trying to do was teach me the importance of being ready and the importance of doing what you can for people, up to a point.

In my reoccurring nightmare from childhood, there was always a normal kind of day, mother was doing mother things and everyone was just into what they were doing, then I look out the window from where I am and see a tornado coming towards the house. (a real possibility in Florida) Now the most distributing feature of these were that I was constantly trying to get the family to notice the danger, instead of serving as a good example and saying "this is what we do". Eventually these dreams went away (after more than 20 years) When I realized that I could not save anyone, and that my responsibility was for MYSELF in my dreams.

Other peoples tornado dreams are different, some of them told me about collecting their personal belongings (which focuses upon a fixation with the material rather than those who live within the home) and others talk of total destruction and the sadness about it...

As help to a friend of mind disturbed about her nightmares, I told her that the next time that the problem comes up, why not confront and question it.. She eventually did and found out that the "monsters" were not monsters, but were just people who were upset she would not stop and kept running away.

She told me that it was in that dream she had a sense of well being from then on because she knew she did not have to fly away, she could stay and talk. (I think she made friends with a part of herself that night!)

Anyway nightmares are not really that bad at all.. Sometimes the tell you about your insecurities ... not a bad thing to know, if you want to improve yourself inside out!