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Neural Networks and dreams symbolism


Dream symbols have historically been used to interpret dreams. Science tends to dismiss these symbols. Yet it maybe that dream symbols link directly to the neural networks that underpin our intuitive thought. Dream symbols compare real life to a symbolic meaning. Neural networks build up patterns within our brains - they are therefore comparing one thing to another. Neural networks are probably central to the way the mind builds up metaphors.


Neural networks are linked to how we make decisions. In recent years neural networks have been used to describe computers programs designed to mimic how the brain works. Information is fed in and the program spots patterns. What exactly do these do? In practice they probably have two major purposes.

Grouping together information. Neural networks spot patterns and so they must be linked to how we group together things which are similar yet also slightly different. Take for instance the following

1. A builder lies and cheats and scams customers.
2. A teenage boy takes advantage of a girl. Lying and cheating.
3. A male brought up in a conservative culture treats women badly.
4. A man rapes a woman.
5. A wild animal forces itself upon the females.
6. A husband disrespects his wife and casually dismisses her views.
7. A teacher criticises and dismisses your views leaving you feel rejected and humiliated.

These are all quite different situations yet all have a bit in common. They all link to the feelings and associations that we associate with rape and humiliation. Each event is different yet similar.

Making very random and brilliant connections Neural networks are involved with spotting obvious similarities. Yet we can occasionally make very random connections. For instance take the following - "I sense something is wrong with my sister. She was really very quiet. She is normally full of energy and talking. Perhaps something is wrong?" Such insights make very loose associations. They are often completely wrong yet occasionally we make very brilliant connections. We search out possible casual links. We look for little patterns. In such cases neural networks are linked to the formation of new ideas.


Dream symbols have always been viewed in a somewhat contemptuous way by science. In years gone past Freud and Jung started to interpret and analyse dreams in a serious way. But dream symbols have for years been printed in dream dictionaries. They often have just one line definitions. They are rightly viewed alongside astrology and palm reading as superstition.

This dream site attempts to define dream symbols in the way ordinary dictionaries define words. A bank of correctly interpreted dreams has been built up. These dreams all follow on from days when something big happened.

The dream dictionary on this site tries to explore the many and varied usages of dream symbols. To show the precise context which they are used in real dreams.


Although dream symbols are much criticized they do perhaps link to how the brain works. They could be integral to understanding how neural networks work. Dream symbols are by their very nature metaphors. The queen could be a metaphor for a strong female that must be obeyed. A raging bull may symbolize a males temper. A tranquil beach may express your current mood of tranquility.

Neural networks maybe linked to how we build up metaphors in our minds. We store together things which are similar yet also slightly different.

It could be that dreams link to how we store vital conceptual insights into recent events and life in general. Each of the symbols has a cryptic meaning. Add them together and you build whole thought processes. The dreams often make no sense because they are a series of metaphors. The mind does not feel the need to explain these metaphors. It is not necessary for us to understand a dream. It is written in a language that we do not need to know. A child using a computer to play a game does not need to know how the computer uses computer programing languages. We do not need to understand how the TV screen works to enjoy a TV movie.

Take for instance the following dream. It involves a stabbing. Then a golf course. The symbols seem random and unrelated. The whole dream seems bizzare nonsense. Yet the dream symbols in this case could have the following meanings -

KNIFE : Stabbings suggest that we are getting into an issue. Really trying to get involved and understand something. We are cutting it open and delving right into it.
GOLF: When we play golf we try to get closer and closer to some target.

If you add these two symbols together then you build up a thought process. Then look at real life and see how these symbols could describe something real that is happening in your life. The dreamer linked these symbols to something the day before(a vital time period in triggering dreams). He felt that it linked to the following thought process - "Last night I got really involved in an essay I was writing. I was trying to describe something in exactly the right way. I was trying to get closer and closer. Finally I got it just right". The knife was symbolic of how he was delving into an issue. The golf symbolized the attempts to get closer and closer. The dream seems total nonsense. Yet it is a series of metaphors which build into a thought or feeling. Dreams are really badly written poetry. They use metaphors yet make no attempt to help the interpreter to understand how they are used. Symbols can have many and varied meanings. Dreams are just a series of loose associations and metaphors. They compare one thing to something else. Each metaphor comes from one neural network which is related in some way. These patterns within the brain are then used to process information about something new. In this way we can use our knowledge and experience.

This site features hundreds of real dreams. They are thought to be worthy of study because it is felt that they link to something in real life. It works in the following way. If something big happens and we cannot stop thinking about it then surely any dreams that night will be about this big event. This site gathers together such dreams where only one issue was on the dreamers mind the day before. So in this way we can start to see how the mind works. How it uses symbol in practice. How these symbols build up into complex thought processes or emotional feelings. Try reading through the hundreds of real dreams in the dream bank.

DREAM BANK : Hundreds of real dreams -CLICK HERE


In practice life is very complicated. Neural networks are linked to our intuitions and emotions. Computers have for years tried to mimic the way we create emotions. Its a very difficult task. Most of these attempts fail dismally. The emotions that we have are often pathetic and exxaggerated (we get into temper tantrums and fall in love). Yet the formation of emotions is by its very nature highly complex. Emotional thought is one thing that sets us apart from the animals.

We need complex intuitive thought because in practice we have to make decisions when there is really insufficient data to make a rational decision. So any neural patterns that exist in our brains are not strong enough to make good decisions. Yet these decisions must be made. Should we allow our eight year old son to walk to school on his own? Can we trust a boyfriend who has continually broken promises before but has declared that things will be different from now on? We have to make these decisions. Yet if we fed these questions into a computer then it may just reply with the answer INSUFFICIENT DATA.

In my experience my own dreams seem to link to changes within my own mind. Moments when crucial changes took place. Many dreams are triggered by events from the day before. Here slight changes take place in our thinking. Moments when our neural patterns changed. When we changed from trusting someone to not trusting them. When we started to realise our own views were now changing. Hence dreams will probably link to changes within our own emotions and hence changes in our neural networks concerning certain issues.