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Dreams analyzed

DREAM DICTIONARY This web site contains many definitions each of which has a list of Key words and phrases. The meanings are based upon hundreds of correctly analysed dreams built up over many years. Look carefully through these. They are keys to understanding the symbolic meaning of your dream. This is the definition for DESERTS.

DESERT : Growth and plant life in dreams can link to several things but above all it symbolises ways in which you are developing and how something is increasingly meaningful in your life. It may refer to a relationship or to ideas that are healthy within your mind right now. Deserts, however, are not as positive and they signify that something has recently(usually the day before) become a lot less meaningful and important to you.

KEY PHRASES(Our dream analysis study has shown that deserts in practice link to the ollowing types of feelings - pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "there is no real feelings there"
- "I just do not enjoy it at all"
- "he doesn’t really love me"
- "a lack of real meaning to the things I am doing"

Read through the definition and take special note of the KEY WORDS.

COMPILING A LIST OF QUOTES : Now we need to compile a list of quotes that attempt to capture the feelings inside you at present. Write down a series of quotes such as

"I think my leg is getting better and I may be able to start jogging again"

"I had an interesting conversation with a complete stranger yesterday and it made me think of my childhood"

"I should maybe try to be more sociable with my new supervisor. That will probably improve my situation"

"I have a lot to do tomorrow and have some ideas about how to make things easier"

"I sense something is wrong with my girlfriend. The relationship seems as if it lacks meaning right now. Maybe I should do something romantic"

"I watched a great TV show last night about cowboys - I would love to be a cowboy"

That is actually quite a long list. But it covers all the types of feelings that dreams are linked to. Dreams can link very much with the things that happened the previous day - odd little incidents that stuck in your mind. Also think of decisions involving your intuitional judgment. Think of things that you are learning or your strategy towards some task such as writing a report. Health matters can be important and changes in our health status may easily be the subject of a dream. Think also of anything long term changes affecting your future. In short think about what has been on your mind and in your mind. Even fantasies and paranoias may cause dreams.

USING THE LIST : Now you have your quotes look through the words and phrases sections of each definition and see if any of words or phrases can apply at all to your own emotions. If you take a general look at the KEY WORDS for deserts you will see that they generally link to feelings that lack meaning in some way. Look through the quotes which capture your feelings and see see in what ways any of those key words apply.

You will see that the best fit is the following quote "I sense something is wrong with my girlfriend. The relationship seems as if it lacks meaning right now. Maybe I should do something romantic". So it maybe that this dream is about that issue.

Apply the same procedure to all the symbols in the dream. Finally make a judgment to which quote your dream could be about. Dreams will use several symbols to build up a complex meaning.

Now we will try using the above methods to analyse the following dream

THE DREAM I am in the middle of an earthquake. The earth opens up and I think to myself that I will have to make a major effort to stay alive. I run for my very life as the earth collapses around me. I am then in a river with a group of soldiers. I am still running and I notice that there are soldiers there ready to pounce on anyone who breaks formation. We have to stay disciplined.

SYMBOLIC MEANINGS. Two symbols appeared in the dream dictionary

EARTHQUAKE In practice this symbol can link with these types of themes
- "suddenly everything changed"
- "A major upheaval"
- "A crisis that has to be overcome"

MILITARY In practice this symbol can link with these types of themes
- "being very disciplined"
- "showing discipline and effort"
- "a need to be ready on time"
- "a sense of teamwork and effort"
- "enduring hardship together"
- "the schedule"
- "it was a really rough day"

COMPILE A LIST OF QUOTES. Actually the dreamer reported one key quote. He was thinking "I have noticed that my hay fever has got much better. I wonder if all the building work in my home has caused that. All the disruption has made me much more active and staying active has helped. I think I will try to get more exercise and stay focused."

DREAM ANALYSIS So how could the dreamers thoughts about his hay fever be represented in his dream? The dream features an earthquake and these are a major crisis that the dreamer needed to just get through. A soldier needs to endure great hardship and so this captures the complete disruption that the dreamer reported. Suddenly his life was turned upside down by builders taking over all his home. All this extra exercise seemed to improve his chronic hay fever. The dream concentrates on this need to stay disciplined even after the crisis of the earthquake was gone. So the dream captures all these major portions of a very key intuition. Your dreams will home in on new feelings and thoughts.

This dream site features hundreds of dreams analysed in this way. Dreams are very much in the here and now and so they are much easier to understand than is popularly thought.

DREAM THEORY: Understand dream theory. After studying many hundreds of dreams over many years I have put together a theory of dreams. Of course there is not just one simple meaning to dreams. Some dreams are ;linked to learning whilst others are symbolic of our emotions. There are many types of dreams - for instance distraction dreams which represent distractions during sleep. If you have toothache then your dream will probably just tell you that you feel very bad.

THE DREAM DICTIONARY : CLICK HERE : for the full list of dream symbols. This page contains links to many dream studies. These will show you the types of real emotions that each symbol links to. Each symbol may have several meanings. Within each meaning there may also be a positive meaning and a negative meaning. The practical examples help bring to life the real meaning of dreams.