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Pyschic dreams that delve deep into the future


Dorian Paul has had several dreams hinting at the future and interestingly they have both involved Turkey Buzzards. Both dreams have hinted at future events in her life.

1990 DREAM : I am walking along a dark area in the am hours of Hollywood, Florida (where I lived at the time) I stumble and almost fall, and then turn to see a turkey buzzard on a white fence, just sitting there for a moment. Suddenly a narrator comes up, a woman in a lab coat, with a pointing stick, comes out of the scenery and says, "The Turkey Buzzard, is an endangered species" It looks awfully sinister, and stares at me from a seemingly long distance, and then it makes a move toward me. I turn to run, and suddenly find I am surrounded by dogs, dogs with Doberman pincher looks and more muscular bodies, there are 3 of them, and they bark at the buzzard (to me I am confusing it all the time with a vulture) and it swoops down at me and the dogs are barking at it, but as I turn to run, instead of the buzzard biting me, it was one of the three dogs.

So I run away, and when I run I found I can fly, and eventually get away, suddenly I found myself in a town. (In the future it comes to my attention this town may have been Chicago) In this town the people were all in horror, and yet very curious about something, it seems UFO's had landed, and people were talking everywhere about it. I was the only one to go and take a look for myself, everyone else was either too scared or didn’t want to go that far to satisfy their curiosity. I go to the UFO's and the odd thing was, when I got right up to them, they opened up, and there was NOTHING inside of them;That for me was a mystery. The people gather around me and ask me about what I saw, concerning the UFOs, and there was nothing, so they walked away not wanting to know any more. I later on in the dawn fly over a group of small islands, with one larger island, and the sunlight from the dawn colours the island with a beautiful orangey light, and I am flying over the island and the water and I get the most extraordinary view. I come back to the town and then they asked me, what did you see on your adventure, and I told them that "my island is more beautiful than your main land" and took off flying again.

This is Dorians painting based on the dream

Interpretation : Dorian was living in Miama at the time of the dream but several years later she moved to Chicago. The countryside she flew over reminded her of Sweden which was never on the cards at the time of the dream.

1997 Dream : I was in my old school in Florida, and it was dark, Miami Dade community collage was closing down it’s Art Department (in real life I got the story about the closing later from my mother) it was like a party, I was coming there to pay my last respects to the department it seems, and there were gifts being handed out, strangely enough in a basket there were living animals there, chicks in eggs hatching, and bunnys, like Easter. And someone there was handing them out. After I left the party, I am walking away, alone down an empty street, and I am trying to walk in the middle of the dirt road, as it doesn’t seem to be paved and it’s dark, a car passes me by on the road and I continue walking, past houses and canals.

Suddenly I look in the front yard of one house, and there sitting on a fence is a turkey buzzard, and he just hops down from the fence into the yard, and sits there and stares at me... A car is coming down the road, and for some reason I don’t want to go towards the house and the yard with that buzzard, so I end up in the middle of the road and then fearing that the car was going to run me down, I fly upwards, over the canal. And I get scratched by trees and keep going up and never looked down, just pushing myself upwards, afraid. And that was when I woke up.

Interpretation. By the time of the second dream education was over for her and she was on the verge of being evicted. This was very much a period of transition which was about to begin within her life. But for me the flight upwards and never looking back suddenly suggests to me that I was to (out of fear) rise to heights that I never expected. None of this was on the cards. don’t look down and don’t look back.