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MUSIC : Dream Interpretation articles by Dorian C Paul (Kafka)

I get the feeling it depends upon the MOOD of the music in question. Sad music obviously adds to the feel and atmosphere of a dream reinforcing those feelings

It also depends perhaps upon if you are performing the music or singing with it too. This seems to be a strong feature in some of my dreams especially when I was playing in a band and singing. Some of the dreams I recall when I was actually chosen to be part of a compilation of songs were about being in front of several people singing acapello. Such dreams symbolize great achievement and an ability to join in a common purpose. They show harmony and an ability to be at ease within a group.

Other times I found myself playing on stage in dreams where I was either asked or forced to do so, even though the music was good, I still felt a bit shy about it.

One of the best one’s was before I won a contest and got 1000 dollars to go to my education which left some money for me to buy a guitar: Only about 2 months earlier did I happen to have a dream that I had a guitar, and I called it my dream guitar, afterwards and set out on a kind of quest to find it, I didn’t know I could actually eventually buy it.

In a recent dream I saw a band on stage! They were supposed to be on TV and they were running late and suddenly the music began, and we were in a TV studio watching them. Then suddenly they without warning got into a fight and then broke up due to the associations one member had with an old member of the band. Strange, the music was good but suddenly full of discord, just as the relationship of the members of this band was just revealing the strain, and the announcement that they were no longer to be working together. Very odd.

The music seemed to play a part to the feeling of the anxiousness between the members of the band and the audience and the rest of the interactions.

I suppose this really illustrated the point of music in dreams, just an extra layer to get the emotion of the situation from. It was like if I was to look at the dream from the point of view of just the music itself, then I would have to say, all these events seemed very much spelled out by the mood of the music. All the people waiting and and the band waiting and trying the bring on it’s missing member by starting the music. The singer leaving the band in chaos, very odd. But all clearly illustrated by the music.