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Jungian archetypes - anima and animus

Jungs theory of archetypes is often very difficult to understand. It took me ages to really grasp it. But funnily I understood the practice of the theory long before I understood the theory itself.

Simply put jungs archetypes are types of symbols which you should try to look out for. They have a common meaning and are said to appear in all cultures and religions in their various forms.

The shadow - forces which are within the dreamer but they refuse to acknowledge them - instead they project those characteristics onto others. A dream involving a shadow will normally relate to their sinister side.

The Anima and the animus - male and female characteristics - both good and bad The Anima and the Animus both symbolize male and female characteristics which our brain uses to represent forces within us. These exist is many different forms. There is no exhaustible list. But these characters will appear in our dreams to symbolize our moods and feelings. These archetypes represent the child within us, or the mother in us, or the gypsy within us.

They exist in dreams because dreams do not have language - so if the person is having childish thoughts then a child will appear with the same emotions. The child is not some random child - it represents THE DREAMERS emotions and behaviour.

The child. The child represents childish emotions such as childish fears and childlike spontaneity. They can represent innocence and naivety. So if a child appears in your dreams it may be because you are feelings particularly spontaneous and enthusiastic just like a child.

The mother. The mother is a constant symbol. She can symbolize maternal and caring thoughts, or compassion but also bad aspects such as the overbearing mother, smothering the child will love, or the mother martyr. So if your mother appears in your dream it maybe because you are feeling protective towards a friend.

The Father. Fathers can symbolize protection and authority. The father may symbolize your wondering if a particular course of action is the right or wrong thing to do?

The Brother. Brothers can symbolize brotherly love for ones fellow humans. It is a platonic and protective love.

The Sister. Sisters represent caring and compassionate feelings for your fellow man. This is more likely to be a generalized love rather than a compassionate love for an individual. It may show itself in a love for the poor rather than a particular poor person.

The girl. Girls can represent your inner child. If you dream of a girl then you may be experiencing girl like emotions such as friendliness. Girls can represent a welcoming nature or a general sense of harmony within the dreamer.

The Friend. Friends can be said to be people who show sympathy and support for a particular person.
The Gypsy. Gypsies can symbolize spontaneity and wild behavior.

THE DEVINE COUPLE - unconscious and conscious
The devine couple are the two sides of the brain. In ideal circumstances you will try and balance the two up. Your desires and intuition are located in your unconscious mind and your reasoning and intellect are located in the conscious.

In dreams the two are symbolized in many ways. But they are always symbolized as a couple one for the conscious and one for the unconscious

The king and the queen . They rule hopefully in equal power. But the king is likely to

The House and garden . The house would usually symbolize the conscious and the garden the unconscious
God and England. England would symbolize the conscious and god Caves and outside. Caves symbolize the unconscious inner mind
Upstairs and downstairs The upstairs is usually the unconscious