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Art, Inspiration and dreams

By Dorian Paul

Ok, there was this assignment I was given, back in 1990 - the friend, another professor, of a my English professor, wanted someone to paint a portrait. At first I refused the offer, having never painted a portrait before. He said he liked the self-portrait I did with the dragon, and the snakes and the mermaids ... so he thought I was the correct person for the job.

Anyway, the next day after I agreed to do this portrait, I had a dream.. It was about me riding a deer, being led by this writer/processor. I also had tickled him under his chin in the dream as well as tickling the deer under his chin. The deer was being led home, to my home at the time, and the journey in the dream took quite a while..

A few days later I had this major dream. No lie, amazing dream about me having to go to the eye doctor. Not that there was anything really wrong with my eyes. We, my friends and I had a few stops along the way and the journey was going to take a few days in the dream. I was to travel about 900 miles to Pensicola, from Miami. Meanwhile, I stayed one night at my friend’s dormitory, and looked in the refrigerator, inside there were cans of cola, and beside them pressurized containers with bacteria in them, as part of some lab experiment. So I found myself not wanting to eat anything there.

Later the journey continued, I found myself at a museum, a huge place, they knew my name, they said come in, as they opened their huge wooden doors. And I walked in, and noticed that they had a collection of things that I was supposed to have made, and inside of the museum I looked and they told me they had a collection of cathedrals as well, and when I opened the door to one room, there was a huge cathedral inside, from the inside... very surreal.

Then I go the area where my work is supposed to be on display of my work and I look and there were "aquariums" and then I looked again and the fish were swimming around and then they were holographic fish, swimming not only inside of their tanks, but through them as well. They swam around the viewers, and then chased each other and then one fish ate the other, and you could still see the fish inside the belly of the other.

I said I had to go now, and said thank’s for letting me in to see this. And they said to me, but you can’t leave now, you have just started...and I said, I really must be on my way, I have an appointment. I must not be late. And so after eluding them, I left.

And then continued on my journey, the funny thing was I never remembered if I finished my journey or weather it had just been the journey itself in the dream that was the adventure, but it inspired me to paint that portrait. I painted the deer beside the mythic writer the fish in the back ground because of the fish relating to a poem written by the writer with the line " almost overnight the fish has grown too large for it’s bowl"

Then for some reason I painted a falcon on his shoulder. Now when I turned it in, the writer had a manuscript he was working on... a huge amount of writing about a mythic "bed time story" he said, it was later published as "Attila a bedtime story for barbarians" and there was in the story he read so enthusiastically a conflict between two gods, one represented by a deer, and one represented by a falcon.

In the painting, the two were beside the one man, but both were looking in opposite directions... thus he wrote of me later on..."intuition bordering upon the extra sensory.." This was the second painting that was inspired by a dream.