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Jungian dream methods : Individuation

What exactly should the relationship between a dream interpreter and the dreamer be? Carl Gustav Jung and Sigmund Freud personify the two approaches to this subject.

Sigmund Freud had a much more dominant role towards his patients. He saw the analyst as someone with great flare and knowledge. Someone who could ascertain the meaning of dreams with little or no help from the dreamer.

Jung developed a much more flexible relationship with the dreamer. He saw the relationship as more equal. It was rather like a partnership with the Analysts helping the dreamer understand the dreams. He developed the term INDIVIDUATION. That the unconscious is creative and that often the solution to the dream is only within the dreamer.

Much symbolism is clearly within the mind of the dreamer. Dream symbols maybe quite personal. Take for example if a work colleague turns up in a dream. The meaning of the dream maybe linked to the dreamers thoughts about the person. If the person is famed for their sense of humor then that maybe is what they signify in the dream rather than any symbolic connection with work or something you are working on.

Such individual meanings can only be found through a more equal relationship. For Freud the subject of interpretation is more simple and laid down. There are meanings to dreams and they can be discovered in a scientific and rigid use of methods. But with Jung its much more a matter of delving into the meanings. Looking at all symbolic associations.

It is undoubtedly the case that Jung is right. Often a symbols meaning may change from dream to dream. Sometimes a dreams symbol may be very related to thoughts in the dreamers mind right now. Take for instance one dream that involved the comedy series "Friends". It is easy to try to deduce some meaning from the series friends - it links with comedy and friendship and many other things. Yet its only really the dreamer who can know its true meaning. The day before this dream the dreamer watched TV and switched on "Friends". The dreamer was only flicking through the channels yet stopped here for a moment of reflection. In the past he had found this series funny yet it was been repeated for the millionth time. He thought to himself "what on earth do we have to do to get rid of this program. It just will not go away."

Now this feeling that "what have we got to do to get rid of this" is what the dream was about. The day before the dreamers neighbours had been especially annoying. They have loads of children and spent the whole of the day in the garden. Then they camped out in the garden at night time and kept the dreamer awake into the early hours. So this feeling of "What have we got to do to get rid of this" was something that was very relevant. It captured a very real feeling within the dreamer and his extreme annoyance with his neighbours. It perfectly captured his mood which was - "When will this family ever go away. They play loudly in the garden all day and at night camp out. You simply cannot get away from them". So the dream has taken one feeling from one situation and applied it to another.

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