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Dreams - Hypnopompic and hypnogogic imagery

Here are a couple of hypnopompic dreams.
THE DREAM I awoke from a short dream to see a very small UFO at the bottom of my bed. It was spinning around. It was as real as anything I have ever seen. It then disappeared.

THE REALITY The previous night the dreamer had been watching a program on psychic activities.
THE DREAM It was not do much a dream as a vision. I woke and the hypnopompic like state stayed with me. Its a slow vision like state. Its not a dream but its definitely not reality either. Its sort of a mixture of the two. Heres the vision

I am watching a native American . He is slowly adjusting his clothes. He has various bits of decoration on him. The moment seems to last for a fairly long time. Then the native American suddenly grows a palm tree onto his left leg. Or more precisely his leg changes into a palm tree trunk Then he picks up a bow and arrow. I then walk to him and take his arrow and place it in his bow. We then fire it together. The arrow shoots out towards some deer type creature. The creature captures the arrow in its mouth almost as if is kissing it. The deer type creatures then grows horns and becomes a magical kind of creature. It flies up into the air and suddenly the scene changes. The deer / magical elk type creature has now become a fair ground ride. It is moving around in those carousels.

Next I have a spear and I am stabbing something. Its a kind of meat. Its flesh and cutting it open. I am enjoying gorging myself.

Next I am Rik Waller ( that’s a failed pop singer btw - he’s known as the fat guy in Britain’s version of Pop Idol. He is asleep on his front. His arms and legs are stretched out wide in a random way.

Then I see the clock. Its somewhere between 7.40 and 7.44. Next I am looking out over a glorious ocean. The waters are calm and still - I think it looks amazingly good. The beautiful still waters. A wonderful Erie sense of calm and tranquility.

The dream as I say what not fully a dream. This was more like a stream of consciousness. I was awake but there was a druggy type feeling - I felt as if I was still experiencing a dream. Especially in the early parts. I experienced hallucinations. The feeling of hallucination eventually wore off the longer the vision went on. I had not taken any drink or drugs so it was not induced by that.

THE REALITY This dream was one of my own dreams. It came as I had just finished a computer program which was designed to help understand dreams. You simply type in the dream text and then every symbol which appears in the dictionary is displayed. The dream was inspired by this.

The deer was symbolic of dreams and their elusive nature. But here the deer swallows the arrow on purpose symbolising the way in which the understanding of dreams becomes less elusive because of the computer program.

The carousels symbolised the way in which this subject of dream analysis had been reduced to something akin to a fairground ride.

Rik Waller sleeping in such a fashion reminded me of how I woke up. He was on a reality show and was pictured sleeping on his front.

Flesh and meat are symbols of opening up and understanding a subject. At this time I felt as if I was truly starting to understand dreams.

The dream captured the sense of achievement attached to this new computer program. It was an amazing dream in the sense that it lasted for literally an hour. The dream finished yet it continued. It was definitely not reality yet it was definitely not a dream as I had woken up.