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Hypnogogic imagery and hypnopompic dreams.

These dreams involve hallucinations either before (hypnogogic) or after a dream (hypnopompic). These may not just involve hallucinations - the dreamer may hear things, smell things, and even taste things. Such hallucinations usually last for just seconds but may continue for longer. Click here for a post hypnogogic dream experience I had

Such dreams may also involve people punching out. Anyone else in the bed may be hit. They might be having a dream which involves being trapped and they have to fight themselves out of the situations. The punching continues after the dream finishes.

Seeing things. Some people see small things such as small spaceships hovering. Others see mists which may change color. Others see complex geometric shapes. Objects may be lit up in unusual ways, such as a vision of god bathed in light.

Hearing noises. Some hypnopompic dreams involve hearing noises. This may be in the form of a bell, someone shouting a name, a song being sung or loud bangs. The most common type is hearing voices straight after the dream. I have found that such words can often seem very important in interpreting the dream. They can offer a key to understanding the dream. On the other hand the voices heard may just be nonsense and the words meaningless

Twitches and sensations. Such sensations are most common before you fall asleep (hypnogogic state ). You feel yourself drifting off to sleep then suddenly your body jolts(often quite vigorously). This is often referred to as sleep starts.

Other sensations may include a feeling of energy running through the body, a feeling of weightlessness, numbness or floating. Such imagery may be associated with the dream itself - such as a falling sensation when the dream has finished with you falling off a cliff.

The most common bodily sensation is sleep paralysis. This involves a feeling of total paralysis. The person cannot move or moves with great difficulty. This can often be linked to the dream content. Women feel as though they are being raped, men feel they are being held down. Emotionally the dreamer feels violated by the experience so some dream imagery symbolizing such feelings often emerge as a result.

Psychic activity. Many people have associated hypnopompic and hypnogogic states with clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition and other psychic activity. This may be the case with some. But I don’t think the association is that clear. My on thoughts are that dreams with hallucinations involve very strong emotions. They show that the dream involves either powerful negative emotions or strong spiritual inspiration.