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• Given key (641 views) *
• Kissed by an Uncle (9 views)
• Ate a bloody band aid in a sandwich (16 views)
• Try to Rape (46 views)
• Swarm of Bees in my house (40 views)
• Family (211 views)
• My dogs killing other animals (291 views) *
• snakes (211 views) *
• Nosebleeds (219 views)
• butterfly (202 views)
• Sex with mother in law and sister in law (51 views)
• Apocalypse land (50 views)
• White Wolves at the Doorway (44 views)
• alley (40 views)
• Shadow comes back (48 views)
• Shadow comes back (44 views)
• Meeting my father in heaven (54 views)
• Lose phone number (223 views) *
• spider (245 views)

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DREAMS ABOUT YESTERDAY : Study the dreams placed here and you will gain practical knowledge of how dreams work. Such dreams do not really help you. Dreams are symbols which the mind uses to compare present thoughts and feelings to things in the past. We refer to the present by using metaphors from the past. If we have just had something big happen to us then we will surely dream about it. It is then fascinating to see how the mind works in storing ideas and emotions.

Dreams about yesterday are not the only types of dreams. But they are a great starting point to learn how dreams work.

DREAMS AND THE MIND : Dreams are linked to brain processes and how we reorder our emotions overnight. They use symbols as a way of comparison. A dream about a tornado is almost by definition not about a tornado. It is comparing your emotions to a tornado. Or perhaps comparing some person you know to a tornado.

Dreams tap into the neural networks which order the brain. These build up patterns within the mind. These allow us to compare various things which seem to be unrelated. I have studied dreams intensely and a symbol can be about many things. A dream about a rape for instance could represent any of these real life situations.

- A man who has acted in a very sexist way ( but who has not gone anywhere near commiting rape).
- A girl who is sexually nervous or inexperienced.
- Someone who has deliberately acted to humiliate others.
- Someone who has deliberately taken advantage of others. For instance a builder who takes advantage of a customer who is powerless.

In this way a rape is used to express emotions in a wide number of situations. So in effect a dream of a rape unites a vast number of situations which each have something in common. A rape could be the minds way of expressing a young girls anxiousness about sex. So she equates all sexual activity with rape. Rape my also express your disgust at a man who is acting in a sexist way as you believe that he would commit rape if he had the opportunity. It also taps into humiliation and powerlessness in more general and none sexual ways. So rape can be a symbol for rogue builders who will seek to take advantage of customers.

Always look for ways in which a dream may express feelings that have just been prominent in your mind. One lady had a dream about gang rape and it was found that the previous day she had been badly treated by her sister in law. Nothing terrible happened but the dream emphasised the 'look in his eye' and how he was 'enjoying humiliating her'. These were all relevant to the day before when the dream felt as if her 'went on and on' and was really 'enjoying it'.

THE DREAM BANK:This website has a huge collection of dreams which follow on from some incident or feeling that you have not been able to get out of your mind. Were you thinking about just one thing yesterday? Has an important relationship been on your mind? Were you thinking deeply about a work project? Did you have a big argument yesterday? Just add your dream and a detailed analysis will follow to show you how your dream relates to the big event.

Dreams about big incidents or emotions from the day before are easy to interpret. If you have only been thinking about one thing then surely any dream you have that night will be linked to that issue. Thats if you believe that dreams are linked to your thoughts and feelings.

Dreams about yesterday are an excellent way to study dreams. Try to see how any metaphors could express key feelings about any issue. If you have just had a blazing argument then a dream about gun slinging is easy to understand. The guns blazing refer to unrestrained confrontation.

Dreams translate into key feelings and insights about issues. So write down some key feelings and ideas which have resulted from big incidents the day before. Try to see how a dream could express those key thoughts.

HOW TO HELP THIS WEBSITE: Google rates pages posted on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites very highly. So if you have found this site useful please post it using the buttons below.

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