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DREAM - Pack of Dogs following me (258 views)
- POSTED November 27, 2011, 05:07
- Author

THE DREAM : I was walking down a street, then all of these dogs began to follow me. I remained calm. I did not want them to sense any type of fear so I continued walking, some were pit bulls and i did not look at them. One even came close to my mind trying to get me to stroke it, when I realized it i did so. Later on in the night though, i dreant about a puppy following me then when i bent down he latched on to my breast and started to suck milk out of it. i was surprized, the milk was very white but the shrugge/took him of my breast. I don't know what the meant.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:Wow!!!! You guys are amazing!!! The day before I learnt the my trusted brother-in-law is not so trusted and loyal. I also learnt news of betrayal about my husband, but that is expected and a norm what seem to bother me most was how i trusted my brother in law. Just before searching for the meaning of my dream and finding you on line, I was just thinking how people all around you are not to be trusted. You give your best, you try to be pure, but there is so much evil in people's heart.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Well dreams do represent your key emotions. So this dream - in theory - should in some way represent loyalty and trust. Dogs are the ultimate symbols for trust. They are pack animals and act together - like families. I often think that tough dogs such as pitbulls can represent the same emotions and feelings but in a more negative sense eg lack of loyalty.
COMMENT Had another dream. A fruit tree was in my bedroom. I went to it and saw a black ripe fruit, I picked it. There were a few other red ones but they were not ripe. Next in the dream I realized that the root was gone. I could not believe that he had cut down the tree, I heard myself asking in disbelief, why did Michael cut down the tree? As I looked around I could see parts of the tree (like a vine) on parts of the head of our bed and it was brown. I also have a dream that for years and years I kept having as a child and yound person. I no longer have it but I always wonders why for soooo may years I kept having this same dream. I was always in the middle of the ocean alone in a very small boat. For years and years upons years I had that dream. Then I bedan to dream that this large boat with alot of people on it came by, saw me and rescued me. I don't have the dreams now.
by patrice.stubbs@gmail.com


Dreams do not really help you. They do not consitute advice - rather they represent the conversations that you are having with yourself. You might say to yourself "I was far too blunt with her" then you might say "she deserved everything that she got."

Try to see how a dreams symbols could translate into your own thoughts about yesterday. A dream could represent some key feeling.

Try this page to see how dreams translate into real life thoughts and feelings - Dreams about yesterday

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