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FAQS dreams

Can dreams really be interpreted?:

Answer: Yes dreams can be interpreted. Most dreams do have a meaning. They are not just random nonsense. Each symbol does have a meaning. Yet its not easy to interpret dreams. If you have lots of skills interpreting dreams then you can do it. Yet its also very difficult to interpret the dreams of others. Dreams link to crucial moments in our own thinking. Yet these can be triggered by just watching a TV program. Anything that makes you think. Often many dreams will have no direct reference to the subject which the dream is about. It maybe about your relationship with someone. yet that person is not mentioned in the dream at all. Its not easy.

Actually the best way to learn how to interpret dreams is first to get some knowledge opf dreams which have been correctly interpreted. In this way you can get some knowledge of what to look out for. Try the following webpage on this site. It gives lots of examples of real dreams about one subject. In this case its dreams about snakes.

If you are interpreting the dreams of others do not expect great success. Dreams symbolise the inner workings of the mind. If you are to interpret someone elses dream then they need to have some knowledge about how dreams work and what triggers them. That's not always the case. They have their own preconceptions about dreams. Its really not easy. Yet if you know something big happened to someone the day before then you can almost guess that they will be dreaming about taht event. So interpret the dream as if it were linked to this event. Quite often it actually will link.

This website places a great deal of emphasis on the day before. Why is this?:

Answer: The day before is extremely important. In my own experience I have noticed little connections between dreams and the day before. Someone you saw that day may appear in the dream. If the dream featured a beach it maybe that you were on a beach the day before. Little coincidences like this.

Also whilst studying I dreams I have noticed the research of others. Many people who study the brain have shown how crucial brain processes(thetawaves and betawaves) take place at night during sleep. Although these do not take place during sleep they do take place at night. These are connected to the way the mind works. The mind stores up information during the day then sorts through it at night. Try this webpage to understand more about this process.

Why do we dream in symbols:

Answer: Dreams see to use metaphors to express their feelings. That probably explains why most deams seem unrelated to real life. When they are depicting some moment in tyhe past ewhen you felt very upset then it does not necessarily mean this incident is still directly relevant and still dominating your mind. It maybe that your mind is saying something that is happening now is giving you the same feelings of sadness now. In effect your mind is saying "I felt as upset yesterday as when I broke up with my ex". Its a metaphor.

Its likely that dreams use symbols because that's how we store information within the brain. This is how conceptual information is stored. This is how the mind stores conceptual ideas and emotions. So dreams then link to our higher thinking be it ideas or conceptual emotions

What is the unconscious?:

Answer: This dream site uses the unconscious in a slightly different way to the way Freud and Jung used it. For these two the unconsious was some deep and hidden mind. Personally I believe that the dream mind is not so unfathomable as these earlier dream analysers do.

The dream mind is linked to conceptual feelings and thoughts. These are the complex thoughts loosely described as higher thinking. Dreams link to these higher thoughts and I believe that they capture crucial moments in our thinking. For instance you may go to bed thinking about some issue and come to the conclusion that "I really need to try harder to get along with my son". In such a case the symbols in the dream will link DIRECTLY to this important new thought.

The unconscious though generally is just seen by myself as a term for our higher and conceptual and emotional thought. Anything linked to emotions,intuitions and creativity.

Your dream dictionary includes many quotes. Why is this?:

Answer: Each of these quotes within my dream dictionary represents ONE DREAM INTERPRETATION. For instance, when the quote says

"I hate the way he treated me. He was really acting unfairly towards me. It was personal"

That means that one dream was interpreted as meaning this exactly. The dream may have featured a snake or similar dreams symbols that when interpreted were thought to link to real life feelings quoted. The symbols which link to this are explained in detail. Each of these interpretations is seen as accurate and correctly interpreted.

A quote is highly useful. It encapsulates our thoughts. We can use language to express the extent of our thoughts. We can convey the we really thought. This is how the dream mind sees ideas. It spots one crucial conclusion.

If quotes were not to be used then that would make it more complicated. For instance "I really hate what he did" would translate to something like -

"When analysed the dream seemed to link directly to feelings of hate within the dreamer. She had talked to her boyfriend the day before and he had walked right over her emotions. He just walked away whern I started talking about it."

The quote just gets straight to the point.

Does understanding dreams help you?:

Answer: Probably the answer is NO. Many people look to dreams for advice and help. Yet in truth they probably only represent our internal thought processes. A dream may only say that you feel "very unhappy" at that moment. Think about the way we think. Most of the time we are trying to gather information and then we will come to the best conclusion. dreams then are probably related to mind processes. They show us trying toi clarify and pinpoint exactly how we feel. They show us trying assess how things are.

The trouble is that many people link dreams to telepathy and premonitions. Most dreams are not premonitions. They are merely symbolic of ordinary thoughts. If yoiu could truly interpret many dreams they may surprise you. They may link to thoughts like "I really don’t know what to do".

In truth we have to make many decisions with inadaquate information. When an boyfriend or girlfriend says that they will change their ways then you really do not know if they are telling the trth. All we can do is use our intuition and pick up on signals. Yet life is complicated and definitely not perfect. We have to make decisions and often we really do not know what to do.

Probably the best analogy is to say that dreams link ore to internal processes within the mind. Try looking at it this way - understanding how an TV LCD screen works does not help you become a better Film maker. Its likely that we will gain the benefit of a dream even if we do not interpret it. It is very fascinating and intereresting. It can be very satisfying to understand how a dream works. But that's all.

Can dreams link to premonitions and telepathy?:

Answer: Probably the answer is YES. I came to dream interpretation trying to understand a dream which I felt was a premonition. I woke up with a terrible feeling. I tried to understanbd the symbolism of the dream. One symbol linked to a person in particular and other symbols linked to that persons two sons. I felt sure that this dream linked to something terrible. that night the person who I connected the dream to died in a car crash. The dream was almost an exact replay of it. For me this was too much of a coincidence. Since then I have been a firm believer in dreams being premonitions occasionally. That dream is contained within the first of the three webpages listed below. Its the second dream down.

Still I do not believe that premonitions really help you at all. They merely link to something that has in effect already happened. The future has happened and all that remains is for it to take place. I do not know of many cases at all were people changed their actions because of a premonition.

Premonitions have never been strong enough to satisfy scientists. They are tied to their way of thinking about the world. When I first found a dream forum on the internet I immediately traced back to when the forum began. The earliest topics where dreams in 2002. That was a little dissapointing. As if we had had a good nuber of dreams posted on the morning of September 11,2001 then we may have had a way of checking if premonitions really do occur. That was a day which really made people stop and think. If we were going to have premonitions then surely this was a day that shook the world. people claim to have had premonitions about this. Yet if we had had people post these dreams before the event happened then it may have been a whole lot more convincing.

Yet those people who believe in premonitions should hold this thought. Those people who have a purely personal and psychological view of dreams cannot truely prove their theories. They claim to have a bank of knowledge and theories. yet Fruedians cannot prove their ideas. There is no correct answer at the back of the book. We merely have to believe them. So when they dismiss premonitions and telepathy you can dismiss their theories as nonsense.

I too have my own theories. yet like everyone else I am armed with so little. I can say a dream means this or that. But I cannot truely prove it. Its likely that the dream mind will hold its secrets for some time to come. I can say that a dream means this because the symbolism proves it. We can gain a knowledge of symbolism. Yet so many symbols are clearly ridiculous. Understanding a lion is perhaps quite easy. Yet what happens when the lion is wearing a pink Armani dress. How do you interpret that. It clearly has a meaning yet its written in symbolic language so deep and inpenetrible that its always likely to have an elusive meaning. Even if you do discover its meaning people are still going to laugh when you try to explain it.

Scientists such as stickgold have tried to bring new techniques to dreams. yet they will not touch certain dreams. They will not even begin to analyse dreams girls have about their boyfriends. Until they do they will probably miss the point of dreams.

How accurate is the dream dictionary symbolism on this website?:

Answer: This website tries its best to understand dream symbols. A number of common dream symbols are covered in great depth. But dream dictionaries cannot cover every eventuality. They can only cover so many. You can say that whales link to spiritual calm. Yet what happens when you get a dream with a whale swimming along whilst wearing a baseball hat and reciting poetry. Dreams can be truly bizzare in their symbols and its impossible for dreams to cover every possibility. We can only guess. This dream dictionary does however try to show the variety of different meanings that a dream symbol can mean. It shows the meanings in practice. The various essays show the various general meanings. They are more designed to give you ideas on how symbolism works. Many times the real symbolism of a dream symbol may only become apparent after long and deep thought. Often I have started to understand a dream I had years ago when the symbolism became more apparent. I may have got part of the symbolism wrong and only years later understood it. And dreams do not use symbols consistently. A dream which you have again days later may use a symbol in a very different way.

Is there a dream theory that adaquately explains dreams?:

Answer: Probably the answer is NO. The trouble is with dreams is that they are so difficult to interpret. We know that dreams link to thoughts. However, we have no clear indication to say if they link to the past or if they are our views on the future. We have no clear idea if they are about ourselves or other people. All we have is a list of symbols. We can generally backwards engineer a dream. We can see how some big issue is on our minds and how a dreams symbolism may link to that. But we are not close to explaining other peoples dreams. Whilst the consious every day mind may say something like "I felt tired yesterday" the deam mind will just present us with a symbol which means "tired". Its a language therefore that will always remain slightly mysterious.

CONTACT :This site features correctly interpreted dreams. If you feel you have understood the meaning of your dream or definitely link it to something in your life I would be happy to place it on this site.