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Asking granddad dream analysis

The Dream - Granddad I am saying to my granddad "what about this one... and what about that one". Then the seen switches and I am in bed sleeping.

Symbolic Meanings
GRANDDAD : "taking time over a decision - the dreamer felt it was OK to take time over a pressing decision"
THIS ONE and THAT ONE : "the various different options available to the dreamer"

THE MEANING The dreamer had to make subject choices for options at school. In real life he had thought to himself the night before that "There is no rush with the decision and I may as well sleep on it"

Dreams often reflect our feelings exactly. This dream was one such dream. Grandfathers and old people in general symbolise the passage of time in some way and usually link to some phrase involving time such as "this has taken too long" or "with a little more time". In this case the grandfather represents the need to take a little more time with his options. The bed scene captures the dreamers decision to sleep on the decision.

The various options are portrayed by the choices being made by the dreamer within the dream.

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