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Dream analysis - flying away

THE DREAM - flying away from two men In this house I am there with two men. I am avoiding any kind of relationship to them although for some reason they are trying to say it’s something I should do and that it would some how save my marriage. (From what I don’t know). Anyway I leave the house, and take my cat with me. I start flying around this large building, doing laps around in an non-energetic flying way. I can fly as high or as low as I like but I don’t wish to disturb my cat who is flying with me, so I just kind of sit in a "full lotus" style and hover around and as I come up to some people on the street they all stop and stare because they assume I’m some type of queen or something because I’m just flying around as though I can’t be bothered to walk, and doing it with a lot of style.


This dream happened during a short holiday. The dreamer didn’t wish to go on this trip to begin with. It wasn’t a walk in the park, it was a long trip in an over packed car, few stops and everything cool was closed. The only interesting sign on the road was "accordian festival" this way.

Symbolic Meanings
AVOID : "the dreamer was avoiding two men in real life"
LARGE BUILDING : "the dreamers feelings within the wider setting and the effect of her husbands behavior"


The two men represented her husband and her father in law who spent most of the time avoiding the work and watching football on a solar panel they brought with them. The dream stated the obvious - she was trying to avoid them.

The dream had a magical feel to it. It was her way of saying that she was going to enjoy her holiday in her own way. She was going to explore this countryside retreat on her own and discover the magic of the place.

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