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Dream study - medieval castle

THE DREAM I am looking at this medieval castle. Its like a miniature. I am pulling things out of it including a woman who is sexually attracted to me. Later I am in a car park and I am having to move very quickly as cars are been driven at me. There is one car which is a beetle. It comes straight at me and I skillfully avoid it by jumping up

THE REALITY During the previous few days the dreamer had had several questions from a woman at work. She kept asking him direct questions about a project he was working on. At first the dreamer was quite defensive about this and thought she was being directly critical towards him. But actually she was quite in agreement with his ideas. The dreamer had misinterpreted her direct questions. The woman in question was also a fan of the Beetles pop group.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Well I think I have totally misinterpreted this woman at work. I thought she was being critical of me but she actually agrees with everything I was saying. Its just the endless questions that I was facing from her"

THE INTERPRETATION With a dream its important to make associations. In the dream there is a beetle car. In real life the dreamer immediately associated that with a woman he knew at work. He thought over the word beetle and associated it with this woman. The dreamer had been thinking a lot about this woman recently. She had been asking him a lot of direct questions in connection with his work project. So its quite possible that the dream could link to this.

Firstly the castle could be seen as a symbol of the dreamers initial attitude. He felt quite defensive towards this woman and her direct line of questioning. Castles often symbolise a cautious nature and a defensive attitude towards something. Thats because of their thick defensive walls.

Here the castle is also a medieval castle. That is also relevant in catching the meaning of the dream. The dreamer is recognising that his own attitude towards this woman was not based on fact it was rather medieval in that it was based on feelings and rumours. He had little information or experience of this woman and so did not know how to read her actions.

The woman was sexually attracted towards the dreamer because sex can often link to agreement. It shows how she was attracted to the dreamers ideas.

The car park section is interesting. The cars driven at the dreamer captured an emotion within the dreamer. He felt how this woman had been rather direct in her questioning. He was rather put off by this.

So overall all the symbols capture some feeling connected with this situation. They capture his overall feelings about this woman over the last few days that "at first I was a little put off by her direct lines of questioning. I was rather defensive towards her and felt a little threatened. But I had misinterpreted the situation and her direct questions represented a strong interest and simply were part of her questioning nature".

Symbolic Meanings
BEETLE : "the dreamer associated beetles with the woman at work who drive a Beetle car"
CAR DRIVEN AT DREAMER : "the woman was direct in her questioning"
CASTLE : "The dreamer initially was very defensive towards this woman at work"
MEDIEVAL : "overall the dreamer was basing his initial perceptions on a very small amount of knowledge"
WOMAN SEXUALLY ATTRACTED : "the dreamer realised that the woman was attracted to his ideas"

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