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Creative dreams example

THE DREAM my daughter and I stayed up until midnight working on this science project she had due the next day. She had to make 3D models of a plant cell and an animal cell. She could use things like fruit loops and marshmallows for the different parts. And we stayed up gluing these things to a poster board and I kept thinking it wasn’t really 3D. And then I had a dream that night. The perfect model would have been to to have all these things floating inside a ziploc bag full of jello. The bag would be the cell wall or membrane, whatever, the jello. I can’t remember the name, but it fit, and for the nucleolus and nucleus -a hard boiled egg cut in half so you can see the stuff. I thought of cooked spaghetti and rice and all kinds of things to put in there and like have a guide of what is what on the poster board because she was supposed to label stuff.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer had clearly been inspired by her childs school project and it had got her imagination working. At night our mind has time to concentrate and think intensely on an issue. We will often come up with solutions at night.

CONTACT : Please feel free to contact me with your dreams. - Please include as many details as possible and especially describe any strong emotions that link to the day before or any characters in the dream. Also if you have any dreams that you feel as if you already know the meaning of then I would be delighted to place them within my own dream studies.

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