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Hangman dream

THE DREAM My dream begins in a hospital. I am dressed in white sick room clothes, there are two other young men in similar clothes in the room. There are four beds and the predominant colour in the room in white. I am pacing the room always aware that I am about to be hanged to death! The noose hangs near one of the beds and I seem to have the option of walking away from the noose but something keeps forcing me to the noose. Finally one of the other men puts on a white hangman’s mask and signals me to the noose. I walk to the noose and suddenly images of my family flash across my head and I firmly refuse to be hanged, throw the hospital clothes off and walk out of the room. Needless to say the initial feeling was of fear, hopelessness, loneliness and everything that goes with it. When I walked away from the noose, I woke up from sleep and felt VERY happy.

THE REALITY The dreamer was facing an important interview in two days. He was suffering from an ailment. He was worried that he maybe ill and not able to put his case across well.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have to get well because I have an job interview in two days time. I just will not get the job otherwise"

THE INTERPRETATION A job interview shares some similarities with an execution in that it is held at a specific time and on a specific day. There is that same sense of dread. Dreams will quite often pull up one thing to show that you are feeling a similar set of emotions.

The dream also features a hospital and hospitals are often a symbol of a wish to tackle something and make it better. In this case the dreamer had a physical ailment so its best to see this symbol as relating to a wish to cure himself before the big interview.

The look on the hangman’s noose suggest that some people were very much against him. That they wanted him to fail his interview and so meet his date with death(be executed). That was very much the case in real life as rivals wanted him to fail.

Clothes are symbols of how we are seen. If you wear hospital clothes it associates you with illness. But here the dreamer casts these off and so shows his wish to show his health and well being.

Maybe the dream symbolised how the dreamer was sensing his own recovery from illness. After all he felt happy when he woke up so maybe he was sensing that he was getting better.

Symbolic Meanings
BED : "something that affects you in a very personal way - in this case its about health"
CLOTHES : "how you feel inside - the signals you send out on any particular day or during some situation - in this case the dreamer is feeling ill"
DEATH : "moving into a new phase"
EXECUTE : "a date you are dreading - in this case a deadline for getting better"
HOSPITAL : "in this case a need to recover from this illness"

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