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Fiance in shower dream

THE DREAM I dreamed that I opened the bathroom door over at my fiancée’s house and saw that my he just got out of the shower and my 3 year old daughter had just gotten out with him. My daughter’s so innocent and was happy to be taking a shower instead of a bath. My fiancé looked innocent too, but I was horrified that they had been in the shower together!

THE REALITY when she was young the dreamer was repeatedly raped by her father. She has forgiven him for this and calls him weekly. He has sobered up and goes to church. The dreamers fiancé is the most gentle and respectful person that she knows. In real life he panics if the two of them are left alone in case her daughter has an accident in her pull ups. He is terrified of cleaning up down there.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was repeatedly raped by my father when I was young. Now I have my own child. My Fiancé seems to be very nervous about showering and bathing her. I think he maybe senses that it is an issue."

THE INTERPRETATION People often get worried when they dream as they think it maybe a premonition. The emotions in this dream are clearly important. The dreamer is terrified of something which seems quite innocent. But this all comes down to the dreamers own history. We can never truly unlearn something. This dreamer learnt at a very early age not to trust men. Although she has been lucky she has never managed to totally free herself of that lack of trust and probably never will do. Thats because always lurking at the back of her mind is the knowledge of what men can do. So she will always be careful.

In real life the dreamers fiancé is terrified of cleaning up the dreamers daughter. This maybe connected to a male unwillingness to change nappies. But it may also be a result of the dreamers fiancé being aware of the dreamers sensitivity towards this. Once this becomes an issue the whole thing may spiral with the dreamer wondering why exactly does he not like changing her daughter. Is he repressing some sexual feelings? Dreams are as much about our paranoia#146;s and intuitions as they are about good sound judgment.

Symbolic Meanings
FIANCÉ HOUSE : "assessing her fiancé's thoughts and feelings"
HORRIFIED : "the fears lurking at the back of the dreamers mind"
SHOWER : "cleaning up the dreamers daughters nappy"

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