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Falling in swimming pool dream

THE DREAM I dreamed last night that I was at a party with a bunch of people standing around a swimming pool visiting, drinking, munching on hors d&146;oevres. I think everyone was dressed in casual business clothes, but I was wearing long shorts, an oversized T-shirt and tennis shoes (I get to wear this kind of stuff to work).

I can’t remember exactly what happened, but I think someone young fell in the pool and I jumped in with my clothes on to save them, since I wasn’t dressed up. Then I do remember being underwater and having a hard time coming up for air because my clothes and shoes were so heavy. I looked around while I was under water and there were other people in the pool wearing their nice clothes, but they seemed to be swimming and walking around the pool - not necessarily trying to save whoever fell in.

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently got divorced and and out of a spiritually, verbally, emotionally abusive cult. She had been still trying to adjust back into normal society but recently had been slacking at work. She was now starting to realise this.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I realise that I have to take a more professional attitude towards work. I have been thinking too much about myself and my problems since leaving the cult. I need to take work seriously"

THE INTERPRETATION Food in dreams symbolises the types of thoughts and feelings that are dominating and stimulating our minds. The food in this dream is "hors d’oevres". That is rather a sophisticated and complicated food showing that the dreamer is thinking in complex and over elaborate ways. She is perhaps being very philosophical and intellectual. This perhaps links to the cult that she left. She is now thinking in very philosophical ways examining deep thinking and being very introspective in her outlook. This is very healthy in some senses in that she is trying to eradicate certain bad habits which may still lurk from her experience of the cult. However, this food for thought is perhaps distracting her from her basic tasks in life - in particularly her job. She herself recognised this.

Pools are often symbols of our own personal emotions. SWIMMING : Swimming in dreams shows that you are attempting to move towards a new emotional situation. Perhaps things have been stressful or highly disrupted recently. In the dream she attempts to save the young person who fell in the water. Young people can stand for naivety or inexperience. In that way perhaps the dreamer is constantly on the look out to for people who maybe the victim of the types of abuse and domination that she has fallen victim to. She will try to save them from being preyed on.

Often when someone has experienced something that has had a deep impact on them they will start to become very political and very conscious of all types of abuse. They will become determined that they will try to fight against such abuse. In some ways this will become a bit of an obsession but in other ways it is a perfectly natural response and to be expected.

Notice too that there are a lot of people in this dream. PEOPLE IN DREAMS : In life we judge ourselves against the behavior and standards of other people. So in this dream the dreamer is addressing what can be generally be expected in terms of behavior in certain situations - and in particularly at work. Perhaps that is why the dream also features lots of people wearing casual business clothes. The dreamer is out of step here wearing very casual clothes. So perhaps the dreamer is realising that at work she is becoming too casual and not meeting the standards of behavior that are needed at work.

Shoes are a symbol of direction. SHOES : Shoes are how we travel in life. They therefore symbolise our general views about who we are and how we hope to progress towards our goals. They are symbols of our identity and direction in life. In this case the dreamer identity and obsession with her own need to adapt back to normal society are weighing her down. Her outlook in life is very serious and perhaps too much so.

Clothes are symbolic of how other people see us. CLOTHES : They link to our mood and the signals that we send out - unconscious body language. Clothes are linked with our image and reputation. Clothes may also link to strongly held beliefs and ideologies that we hold close to our hearts. For instance if we have been victims of abuse then we may have strong views on the subject.

So in short the dreamer is recognising that she has been obsessing about her own experience in the cult and that this is affecting her won work performance. In business life people wish to buy goods and services - they do not wish to be lectured on about abuse and how to avoid it.

Symbolic Meanings
BUSINESS : "serious attitude - the dreamer realises that others take a more serious attitude towards their work"
DRESSED : "unconscious signals you send to people"
PARTY : "the dreamer is talking like its a party and not in a more appropriate business manner"
PEOPLE : "generalisations about what is appropriate behavior"
SWIMMING POOL : "your own close personal emotions - the dreamer thinks too much about herself and how she has changed since leaving the cult"
T-SHIRT : "a casual image towards something - the dreamer realises that she takes a casual attitude towards work"

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