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Dream analysis - steep hill

THE DREAM I am with my sister(though she does not seem so familar). She is driving up the hills of the Old Town. She manages the steep hills so quickly and easily(with no loss of momentum) and I say this to her "you did that really well". Then a voice is heard saying something about death. It was all said in an eerie voice.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been working on a research project for a long time and was about to finish it off.

Symbolic Meanings
DEATH : "the end of the dreamers research project"
HILL : "Ability to handle difficult problems"
OLD TOWN : "familiar territory. The dreamer knows this area well and represents the subject of his research"
SISTER : "exploring new feelings and thinking emotionally in new ways"

THE INTERPRETATION Death is a symbol of completion. It shows that one phase has ended and another is about to start. So death can symbolise the end of a project in this sense.

The hills capture the sense that the dreamer is now has so much more knowledge and is able to handle difficult problems easily.

Sisters are symbols of openess and exploration of new feelings. They show that you are thinking in new ways and opening your mind. Here the dreamer is aware that his project is about to finish and that this will leave a hole in his life. The project was something that he could get emotionally involved and and interested in.

The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My research project is over now. I have invested so much energy into this and now this is little left for me to achieve. Yet I will feel a little empty when its all over."

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