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Dream analysis - Terry Gilliam

THE DREAM when I DID eventually get to sleep, I dreamed that I was at home (not university home - home home), and I was walking up my road, and the Rasta man/hippy who has his guts ripped out in "Live Organ Transplants" in The Meaning of Life (played by Terry Gilliam) was having his house raided by the police and they were carrying his computer out, and he was like "no man, that's got my Terry Jones photos on it! and the police were like "yes, that's why we’re taking it away - its illegal" and as I was walking up my street, practically everyone was having their computers confiscated for having Terry Jones photos on it!

Then they got to my house and they were carrying out our home computer and my dad was like "what are you doing? I don’t even like Terry Jones! I think Monty Python is a load of rubbish!" and the police were saying that I’d got images in my user area so that's why and it’s not personal! lol all I remember thinking was that I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell them I’d got my laptop in my backpack because I’d never get my T-shirts made, and feeling really nervous in case they searched me!!

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently become very interested in Terry Jones off Monty Python. He is a great writer and she is interested in him for his talents as well as his fame. The night before she was looking on the Internet with her best friend. She was looking for pictures so she could make a Terry Jones T-shirt. She was due to meet terry Jones who was about to present a talk on Chaucer.

Her boyfriend does not like Monty Python and they recently had a big fight about it recently. The dreamer lied about the talk with Terry Jones and merely said that she was going to a talk about Chaucer.

Symbolic Meanings
FATHER : "The dreamer wants to prevent an issue getting out of hand and so lies in order to cause trouble"
POLICE : "The dreamer is aware that her boyfriend clearly disapproves of Terry Jones and Monty Python"

THE INTERPRETATION In this dream the police act like its a major criminal act the dreamer has committed. Police in dreams can represent the laws and need for order within our own lives. Clearly her boyfriend is very anti Monty Python and it is something that is clearly against what he considers wrong(against his laws). So in order to preserve the peace and maintain order within her life she has lied about the fact that she was meeting someone who her boyfriend clearly dislikes.

Fathers are often symbols of a need to prevent something get out of hand. So maybe the dreamer is using him as a symbol. She wants to lie to her boyfriend to prevent the situation from getting out of hand. She knows he will over react.

The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My boyfriend hates Monty Python. I dare not tell him that I am going to a talk held by Terry Jones of the Monty Python team. He is already jealous. He thinks I think more of Monty Python than him. Its ridiculous. Its like I am breaking the law or something"

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