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Dream study - High School fees

THE DREAM I saw my high school where I was standing in the queue to deposit the fee of my son. As soon as I finish depositing the fee and turn around the whole scenario changes and I find myself wearing a school uniform, now I’m a student myself. I had just deposited my own school fee this time. Everything seemed to be fine. I just walk out of the lobby of the school towards the main gate where I meet HIM, he was his normal self only I was as young as a 14 year. Old. I discuss with him about how our school needs a good teacher and he can be just right for the job. That was the reason why I recommended him to the school authority. I was just about to take him towards the interview hall when I woke up.

THE REALITY The dreamer had a traumatic experience when she was 14 years old. Since then she has not been able to trust men properly. Now she is very settled as a person and has a very good male friend whom she trusts. She was thinking about starting a relationship with him on the night of the dream.

Symbolic Meanings
GATE : "the dreamer is willing to open up some opportunity - in this case she wishes to start a relationship"
HIGH SCHOOL : "learning something about yourself - the dreamer is learning to trust "
QUEUE : "it takes you a long time to realise something"
TEACHER : "learning by someones example - looking up to someone - the dreamer really has learnt trust from her friend "

THE INTERPRETATION In life we learn constantly. Dreams about schools are generally not about academic qualifications but about the lessons we learn. Mostly school dreams are negative dreams which concentrate on harsh lessons in life that we learn. This dream has a positive feel. So its likely that the lesson been learned is a positive one. This dreamer has been unable to trust men. But she is starting to believe that not all men are the same and some are good. This is a lesson that she is learning.

The dream features a child and the dreamer is single and has no children in real life. So the child represents a new part of her growing. Often when something bad happens to us we need time to starts thinking in a rational way again. Our mind can think in generalities and hence she dismisses all men as the same. But here she is learning to distinguish between good and bad men. The child probably represents her attitude towards men. She recommends the teacher. This shows that she has strong views about how men should behave and that these should be encouraged and nurtured.

The very fact that the dream takes us back to the traumatic period of her life shows that she is leaning to think in new ways and has started to heal. She is in school uniform so she is now ready to learn from her male friends example.

The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have never been able to trust men totally. I had a bad experience when I was 14. But now I feel able to trust a man totally. I want to start a relationship with a friend"

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