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Dream study - son drowning

THE DREAM I was walking along a pier with my husband and son. I was walking ahead of them. I assumed my husband my walking along side my son holding his hand, but my he was walking ahead of my son. My son wasn’t paying attention to where he was walking and bumped into a post that was on the edge of the pier, lost his balance and fell into the water. The water was calm but my son was drifting away quickly. I screamed for my husband to jump in after him but my husband couldn’t catch up. A strange man jumped off the bridge and saved my son from drowning.

THE REALITY The dreamers husband worked long hours and he was not really as close to his son as the dreamers wished he could be. She felt that he could make more effort with her son.

Symbolic Meanings
DROWNING : "the son needs helping and guidance"
SAVE : "make more effort to connect with his son"
SUNNY : "the outlook in the dreamers life is good with no pressing problems right now"

THE INTERPRETATION This dream captures one very strong symbol - the dreamer is angry because her husband is not saving his son. So the dream focuses on the dreamers son and her husband. The dream then could be making some point about there relationship. So its best to ask if there is any problem between the two of them. In this case the dreamer did feel that her husband was not as close to his son as she wished.

The sunny conditions and calm state of the water show that the dreamer is not worried that her son is in any danger or that this is a major problem. The drowning could symbolise any problem that the son has. Drowning symbolises powerless and inability to cope. In real life its likely to refer to day to day things in the sons life where he gets into difficulty and needs some guidance. The dream merely shows that the dreamer feels her husband should make a greater effort or it will be too late. Its just about guidance in a wider sense.

The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I feel my husband needs to try harder with our son. I know he works long hours. But there are times when my son will need the help of his father. There are always moments when we cannot cope and need the guiding hand of a father"

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