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Interpreting dreams - child molestor

THE DREAM I dreamt that I was walking to work. Its about a 4 block walk and I had four little girls with me. They were all about 5 to 7 years old. I think they were all my nieces except they really range in age from 2 to 21. Anyway, we turned up this alley that I usually take as a short cut and up ahead we saw the child molester. The little girls became very frightened and ran to hide behind this tall wooden fence. Well, I became angry. I wanted to yell and yell at that old man. Just vent all the anger and hatred I had toward him over the things he did to my niece and all the other children he ever touched. I walked up to him and opened my mouth, only nothing came out. I tried and tried to yell or scream, anything, and finally a little squeak came out. This made me even more angry and I finally found my voice but instead of screaming at the top of my lungs, I could only whisper.

THE REALITY The dreamer had this dream about this child molester who lives in her neighborhood. Fourteen years previously he molested the dreamers niece. Since then he has served his time and been released. Just recently he has been coming in the dreamers restaurant. Her boss made her serve this man even though she knows what she thinks about him and the history with her niece.

The dreamer was mad with her boss because she refused to help out and serve him when he walked into the dreamers section. The dreamer felt this was unreasonable. Her boss could help out yet she choose not to.

Symbolic Meanings
ALLEY : "limited options and circumstances"
FENCE : "a barrier - a need to keep this sex pervert out"
HIDE : "hide your feelings"
LITTLE GIRL : "the dreamers feelings of protection towards vulnerable children"
MOUTH : "things said"
WHISPER : "the dreamer cannot openly say what she wants to this pedophile as he is a customer."

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer felt the exact same feelings towards this man as in the dream. In real life she was not allowed to vent her feelings on him. She was forced to serve him and felt really resentful. Inside she really wanted to tell him what she thought of him. She felt like telling her boss she could keep her job. Yet the dream probably captured her need to swallow her frustration and accept her bosses decision. After all the dreamer had two children and so needed the job so in this case she had to go against her instincts. Inside she felt a bitter rage to this man and had not forgiven him for what he had done to her niece. But the dream is probably more about her boss and the unreasonable way that she acted.

Many dreams help us unwind our emotions. We go to bed constantly thinking about a nagging problem. When we wake up we feel refreshed. The problem seems to have gone away - or at least much off the bitter feelings. Some dreams take the sting out of such issues which are revolving round and round in our minds.

The way the dreamer whispers in the dream maybe links to the way she dealt with the issue. She wanted to shout at the man but had to make do with just ignoring him. She did not serve him other times when he came into the restaurant. She could not say anything but at any opportunity she refused to serve him , delayed his order and treated him badly. She had to stop short of shouting and actually showing anger as that would be inappropriate and her boss ddi not seem helpful and sympathetic to her cause.

The fence in the dream is maybe a symbol of the dreamers work station. The dreamer wished that he would choose another work section so another waitress could deal with him. If he came into her section she hoped that she could swop sections as that would help her avoid dealing with him.

The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I recognise a guy who has just come into the restaurant. He is the pedophile who assaulted my niece years ago. I juts cannot bear to deal with him. My boss insists that I serve him but he is revolting".
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