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Fish falling dream

THE DREAM I dreamt that it was raining fish - fish were falling from the sky. I think the fish were still alive but I’m not 100 percent sure on that. I remember seeing the fish all over the ground in my back yard and in the pool.

THE REALITY The dreamer was trying to work out how she was feeling about something and was changing her mind about it. It had been weighing on her mind for a week.

Symbolic Meanings
DEAD : "an old feeling being replaced by a new feeling - transition"
FISH : "Unconscious thoughts and activity - new feelings forming in your unconscious mind"
POOL : "An issue affecting the dreamers close personal emotions"

THE INTERPRETATION Water in dreams symbolises the unconscious. Water moves constantly and so represents our ever changing thoughts and feelings. Fish often link to new unconscious feelings in our mind which are forming. They link to life and activity within the mind. With such dreams its best to ask the dreamer what things they have been thinking about. The dreamer will probably be all too aware of what that is.

Here the fish are dead so that does link to the dreamers real life - she was constantly changing her mind. Death in dreams often links to something new. It symbolises the death of one feeling and growth of new feelings.

Overall the dream probably catches these feelings within the dreamer - "I am trying to make up my mind about my job and my relationship. But each time I make up my mind my feelings change. Perhaps I need to wait before making any major decisions to see how my feelings are. "
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