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Tree cut down dream analysed

THE DREAM I am with some reporter. I am at Cayton. I am talking about something been in between Hunmanby. Next I am at Cayton forest. This goes down to the beach. All the trees have been cut down. Someone says all five of them. They are just stumps.

THE REALITY The dreamer had for years split with an old group of friends. They had been very much part of his life. He had recently met with one of them by chance - that person lived in Hunmanby.

Symbolic Meanings
BEACH : "thinking about what your feelings really are in relation to the real life facts"
FOREST : "important friendships that are deeply rooted - in this case old friendships "
FOREST CUT DOWN : "realising that those old friendships will not be reestablished"
REPORTER : "keeping up with what’s new in your life"
TREE : "things firmly rooted in you - family ideas and close friends"

THE INTERPRETATION When exactly does a relationship end. Well this dream was a realization that a group of people the dreamer once knew were now history. He no longer knew them at all. He had talked briefly with one of them. However, after a short period that chance that the old group could be reestablished was gone. So this confirmed that this old group of friends had all gone their separate ways.

The dream made associations with two things. Cayton was where they all used to meet. Hunmanby signified the recent connection.

Trees in dreams signify things which have firm roots in your life - like family and friends. If a forest is cut down it can signify an end to old relationships.

The reporter was symbolic of the recent news. The recent news was the recent chance meeting. That chance meeting was connected with Hunmanby - the place where that person happened to live now.

The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I bumped into an old friend recently. I kind of thought our old group of friends would get back together again. But now some time has passed and maybe that's not going to happen"
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