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Dream analysis - sexily dressed ladies

THE DREAM - I am looking at three sexily dressed ladies legs. Then I think of a Coworker whom I did not choose to take part in a major project

THE REALITY At work the previous day the dreamer had perhaps too readily excluded a coworker from a project. He felt that his emotions had maybe given away a prejudice that the dreamer had for his coworker He had perhaps revealed himself too readily.

Symbolic Meanings
DRESSED : "unconscious signals you send to people"
SEXILY DRESSED : "something is really very appealing - the dreamer found it VERY APPEALING not to work with this coworker"
THREE : "a choice - the dreamer could have acted in a different way perhaps "

THE INTERPRETATION The dream was a work dream so the dreamer focused on work issues and also things that he had been working through his mind. There was one major little incident from the day before at work.

Legs are a symbol of direction. In this case they are very sexy legs - and the feeling in the dream was that "these legs were really very very good". That emotional feeling perfectly mimicked the feeling he had when excluding a coworker from a project. It was something that he could very easily agree to was a good thing.

This dream maybe ponders on how he had been perhaps too obvious in agreeing the exclusion of a coworker It may reveal exactly how he felt. He did not want to appear to be targeting this person. Above all it was the vigor with which he excluded the coworker He felt this may allow people to see him in a whole new way.

The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I think I was a bit too obvious in showing my feelings at work yesterday. I know I dislike him intensely but I do not want to seem too prejudiced against him"
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