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Fish and chip shop dream analysed

THE DREAM - I am somewhere near eastfield estate. There is a fish and chip shop. A teacher from art school was there. I was nervous and worried about going there.

THE REALITY The art school represented the dreamers urge and interest in art. The chip shop was a symbol of how this was an essential part of his life.

Symbolic Meanings
SCHOOL : "learning something about yourself"
SHOP : "the dreamer is looking at the things that he wants in life and how he is pursuing them - in this case its about how he is pursuing (or not in this case) his interest in art and design"

THE INTERPRETATION The shop represents some wish within the dreamer - some unmet need. The dreamer does not go into the shop showing that at present that need for creativity is not been met. Not going into the shop shows that the issue is even completely off the agenda.

The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I never seem to find time for my artistic interests. I always used to be interested in art and photography. I wonder why it is I never seem to find time?"

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