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Rattlesnake in desert

THE DREAM The scene took place somewhere like Arizona, where there was miles of desert sand. He saw a tan coloured rattlesnake. It was trying to attack him but instead he stomped on it and squished its head. He said he walked away and the rattle will still trying to shake but then fizzled down to silence. There was also a male figure in this dream but I do not remember who it was.

THE REALITY In reality, the day before the dreamer a lot on his mind about a decision to go back to work at the one company or start his own business. This decision process has been quite consuming to him.

Symbolic Meanings
DESERT : "My present job lacks meaning to me - I feel unable to develop my potential there"
SNAKE : "The fear that a newly founded business could go bust"
SNAKE : "A dislike of working with my present boss who is a liar"

THE INTERPRETATION It is best to interpret a dream in the context of problems which are on your mind. This dream was thinking a lot about a decision to go form his own business. So what could the symbols stand for here. The snake could represent his boss who is manipulative and a liar. Snakes can stand for relationships with people we do not trust. The snake could easily stand for the problems with starting a business and fear of going bankrupt.

The dream also features a desert and deserts and to relate to relationships and situations which lack any meaning within us. It is often best in a dream to have a guess as to what the symbols mean entirely. Symbols can link together to build up an entire thought process. So perhaps the dream means that "I either have the option to set up business myself or to continue in a job which I dislike and a boss I do not trust".

The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am in two minds right now. Should I set up my own business or should I go back to work for my old boss who is often a liar".
CONTACT : Please feel free to contact me with your dreams. - Please include as many details as possible and especially describe any strong emotions that link to the day before or any characters in the dream. Also if you have any dreams that you feel as if you already know the meaning of then I would be delighted to place them within my own dream studies.

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