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Chanting voice dream analysed

THE DREAM I wake up and I can hear someone or a group of people in the street. They are shouting at me. The dream continues into real life after I have woken. I hear these people and they are shouting and chanting at the top of their voices. The episode continues for several seconds and was quite frightening

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer had been exceptionally mean to a person he hardly knew. He was very homophobic and abused the man in a shameful way.

Symbolic Meanings
CHANTING : "A realization that his actions were unpopular and would evoke a campaign of people who disagreed with him"
PEOPLE : "general thoughts about how we should act and behave towards other people"

THE INTERPRETATION Often dreams are linked to the day before and this dreamer had been viciously homophobic to a perfect stranger the day before. The dream seems connected.

Often if we have vicious and uncontrolled anger within us and we show this then dreams can reverse the process and direct that anger and hatred onto ourselves. This was a frighteningly realistic dream. The dream showed that the dreamer recognised he was being vicious and prejudiced.

The dream showed to the dreamer that he was aware that his own strong feelings would evoke a strong response.

The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I hate gay people and openly had a go at one yesterday."
CONTACT : Please feel free to contact me with your dreams. - Please include as many details as possible and especially describe any strong emotions that link to the day before or any characters in the dream. Also if you have any dreams that you feel as if you already know the meaning of then I would be delighted to place them within my own dream studies.

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