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Hear a burgler in house dream

Robber outside?

I am inside and hear a burglar. Thats the dream. I wake up and I am flinching quite strongly like there is a spider on me. I then here sounds as if someone is trying to get in the door.

Dream Dictionary meanings
BURGLAR : "the dreamers own fear of burglars"
SPIDER : "trapped in circumstances"
Recently the dreamer had been especially scared of burglars. Sometimes we get a dream that plays on these fears and places us in the situation we really fear. Here the fear of burglars is what scares the dreamer. Afterwards he thought that he really needed to ease up on his fears. He had never been the victim of a robbery so he really had to stop being so scared.

As a footnote it should be noted that the dream imagery continued on after the dream finished. This is called hypnopompic imagery. In such dreams the dreams continue in the form of hallucinations. This can be used by the dream to really emphasise the dream.

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