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Castle competition dream

THE DREAM I seem to be observing a competition. There seems to be around four castles. There is a competition to see which one is the best. It is about which is the strongest. Each castle has a king and the different kings and queens all give different reactions.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been thinking over his approach to his work. He had devised one or two new ideas. Now he was wanting to see in practice if one approach was better than the others. He was going to judge which was best by the reactions that each approach received.

Symbolic Meanings
CASTLE : "Strength - in this case the strongest approach "
COMPETITION : "let differing approaches compete against each other"
KING : "a wish to see which is the most commanding approach"
REACTION : "the dreamer is looking for the best reaction"

THE INTERPRETATION If you take dreams as linking to new thoughts emerging on the day before the dream then this dream is easily explainable. The dreamer had been thinking about how to get his approach to work exactly right. He needed to know how much information to allow people to make a decision. He had around four identifiable approaches each of which were different in slightly small ways.

Buildings in dreams often link to your approach to some issues. So four different castles could easily link to the four different approaches. Castles are special types of buildings. They link to strength in some way. In this case they symbolise the strength of the approach.

Competitions are symbolic of some form of standard you are trying to achieve. It shows that you are measuring the effectiveness of something in some way.

So welding all these symbolic meanings together this dream could easily link to this subject. The dream captured the dreamers feelings on this issue. He had several slightly different approaches and wanted to see which was the strongest and most reliable.

The dream concentrates on the king and queens reaction. This directly captures the dreamers thoughts. He was going to judge how effective each approach was by the reaction that it received. He was testing his approach out in practice.

The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am trying to find out what is my best approach. I am going to test out several different approaches and see which gets the best reaction"
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