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Living in a poor house dream

THE DREAM Tired mind
I dreamt about an old house in Finland, it was made of the poorest of materials, however this was because the people who lived in the house were poor. It was warm however, and it seemed to be the same house that my husbands mother or father lived in as a child, but I wasn't certain. Suddenly outside was reminiscent of a school yard, and there was snow outside, and I saw the track to run, and between the houses I ran the track covered with snow so fast, it was unreal. I came back to my husband and he said, we have moved. I look to the house, and it is a small apartment, very dirty and hadn’t even been cleaned yet and then we have to have a party in it. This party was a gathering of friends, but when I looked at the house I couldn’t help but complain, I hadn’t had the time to clean it and then when I looked at the walls, they were once tiled, and covered with layers of paint. Underneath these tiles were vivid color’s and they were covered in flat patchy off white paint, not only that but a poor job too. Not only that but the whole place was in need of a really big cleaning. It was so dirty I couldn’t stand it. I was very angry at my husband for moving us, and not even having cleaned the place before we settled in. Oh and another part of it, is that during the party in the dream, they thought it would be good to feed me some honey, to make me feel better.

The dreamer went to sleep with her son who had not been feeling well. She had not been well herself and was recovering from a very serious illness.

Symbolic Meanings
HONEY : "the dreamer needed to be cheered up with something nice"
HOUSE : "the dreamers own body which was falling to bits because she was feeling unwell"
SNOW : "illness - a lack of ability to move easily - your reactions are slow"
WARM : "despite being unwell the dreamer is happy and comfortable with her son"

DREAM MEANING : Snow is a common symbol to have if you are feeling ill. It represents the lack of ability to move easily due to the constraints. The rest of the dream seems quite consistent with this topic. The poor house symbolises the poor state of the dreamers health. The honey maybe represents her need for something nice and comforting or for her wish to give her son a special treat to cheer him up.
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