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Teachers and children dream

Teacher and kids getting along?
I am outside and there is a character from a soap opera who is a teacher and another three young kids, one who is an actress in another soap, who is called Haley. The teacher says "This is great - it is like we are meant to be together"

Dream Dictionary meanings
TEACHER : "a serious message which the dreamer wishes to show"
TOGETHER : "the dreamer wants a combined approach which gives a serious message but also a sense of youthful enthusiasm for the subject"

Quite often dreams will capture our strategy towards something. This dreamer had been thinking a lot before going to sleep that night about how to put some ideas across. In reality he decided he wanted to put serious across but also wanted to emphasise a sense of enthusiasm in putting across the ideas. So he had been thinking about his own writing style. In that sense the dream captured exactly this thought. The teacher who is old and wise represents the serious side of his style. The kids represent the youthful enthusiasm he wanted to generate for the subject.

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