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Dream - discussing fiercely

The Dream - Family not family any more
I am with my family at home. There is my nephew and niece there. They say I hardly know them at all. We both have an awkward conversation as we do not really know each other then there is a friend there and I am chatting away. We are discussing things fiercely and without restraint.

The Interpretation
This dream was a possible premonition. Most premonitions happen the actual DAY OF THE DREAM. This dream followed that distinctive pattern. Premonitions capture the emotions that you feel in a situation. They capture the essential part of a situation.

The day of the dream the dreamer was talking in town with a work colleague. The chat was fierce and friendly. The dreamer then glanced round and saw a person who he felt might be his cousin. He had not seen him for several years. He barely recognize him and felt uncomfortable talking to him. So he just ignored him.

So the dream captured the eseential part of the situation - the awkward feeling and the feeling of openess within a social situation.

Premonitions rarely give great details about the event. They capture your emotions not a detailed report accurately narrating the incident. You can never be sure but this dream does indicate similarities. And as the most common premonitions are on the actual day of the dream its wise to look out for them.

The dream captures the following feelings within the dreamer "I think the dream was a premonition of the actual day of the dream. I had that same feeling of not knowing an actual family member in the dream and in real life.The dream also caught that same sense of the moment as I was chatting fiercely at the time"

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