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Dream analysed- graveyard

The Dream - TV reality graveyard
I am in this graveyard - I see various graves. When I wake up I think of various characters in a TV reality show I had enjoyed watching - it had just ended

Dream Dictionary meanings
GRAVEYARD : "the need to move on - the end to some old situation or relationship - in this case to move on after a favorite TV show has ended"

The Interpretation
The dreamer had been watching a TV reality show every day for two weeks at 9 PM. It just nicely filled his evening at a convenient time. Yet the night before the show had ended.

Dreams are about often small and insignificant things. Yet at the time this show had been very enjoyable. The dreamer remembered thinking as the show ended that he would really miss this. It had been very funny.

Graveyards often signify things that have ended. Here the dreamer is having to come to terms with the ending of a TV show. You do not have to draw any deep meaning from this. Dreams can be about these little things.

Overall the dream captures the following feelings within the dreamer "I watched that TV Reality show most nights for two weeks. The evening feels a little empty without it. I will just have to think of something else to do."

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