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Dream study - community centre

The Dream - Uncertain future
I am in some sort of community settlement. It appears to be a desert. The buildings are huge and seem connected. But they are also ruined.

Dream Dictionary meanings
COMMUNITY : "community spirit and neighborliness - the dreamers own neighbours "
DESERT : "something lacks meaning and importance - in this case the dreamers relationship with his neighbours is not strong"
HUGE BUILDINGS : "your own feelings and emotions together as they mix with other peoples thoughts and actions"

On the day before this dream the dreamers relationship with his neighbour reverted back to what it had been before. Relations had recently thawed yet on this day they both simply ignored each other again. The community in this sense stands for the community spirit and the desert symbolises the lack of life within that relationship.

Buildinsg in dreams often symbolise particular people and yourself. This is one huge building which seems connected. That symbolises a relationship. But the building is in ruins. Overall the dream adequately captures the dreamers thoughts on this issue - "My relationship with my neighbour doesn’t mean anything to me and probably not to her either. ."

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