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Dream study - stuck in traffic jam

The Dream - Aqueduct
I am at the beach. I am angry because there is a traffic jam. I am talking with this man and complaining that its all the fault of the government and then I point to this aqueduct type thing. The water is been lifted up and down in this aqueduct type thing.

Dream dictionary
GOVERNMENT : "red tape and form filling"
MAN : "male emotions - problems and delays disrupting your emotions"
TRAFFIC JAM : "unable to move in the direction that you want"
WATER : "the energy and motivation we put into something"
WATER(aqueduct) : "having to divert energy and motivation into something that you do not want to do"

The dreamer had just filled in his tax forms. The day was filled with delays and problems associated with this. The dream reflected that previous day. Often men in dreams symbolise male emotions within us. In this case they symbolise problems and delays affecting us.

Water in dreams can link to the energy that we put into something. An aqueduct channels water in weird and artificial ways. So in thius way the aqueduct symbolises the need to devote energy into something we do not want to do."

Overall the dream captured these feelings within the dreamer - "I got fed up having to fill in my tax forms yesterday and sorting things out at the office. I could have spent that time and energy doing something much more interesting and productive."

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