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Dream studies - gases in space

The Dream - Amorphous mass of gases
I was looking out into space and I could see an amorphous mass of gasses. I had the feeling that this was to do with cell creation.
Dreams are very much linked to things in our day to day lives. Often things on our mind just before we go to sleep are capable of generating a dream. We also dream about things we are learning. In this case the dreamer was learning some new ideas and new computer software. These ideas were forming and shaping in his mind.

Cell creation is associated with new life. Space is often linked to ideas and the imagination. Add to this when the dreamer woke up these new ideas shaping in his mind were the first things he thought of. Often the first thing you think of when you wake up is what generated the dream. Here the dream captures that sense of new ideas forming and taking shape. The dream also had a very conceptual feel to it.

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